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Jodi and Phil Mainwaring



Portland, OR 97217
United States
T: 503-286-2058




Young Living Essential Oils

Profile and Credentials        

Jodi Mainwaring, LMT, LMP, ARCBCR Phil Mainwaring, LMP, CR During Jodi's 4 years of massage and foot reflexology experience she has seen the ability of essential oils to heal the body and mind. She now focuses on educating others in the use of Essential Oils and attends PSU working on a pre-naturopathic science degree. Phil's true joy is teaching and lecturing about the use of essential oils for every day health and happiness. Phil especially enjoys watching how quickly essential oils can draw people out of depression.

Philosophy and Comments        

Jodi and Phil have dedicated their time to teach and train anyone interested in their own individual growth and those searching for alternative methods to use in their practice. Our number one commitment to you is quality oil and education for maximum benefit.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

7 days a week Free in-home demonstrations Psychic shows-weekends Body/Mind/Spirit shows-weekends Classes-call





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