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Phil Cohen



PO Box 5208
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
United States


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Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford


Singer-songwriter duo known for powerful lyrics and poignant harmonies. Three critically acclaimed CDs - a favorite of folk and country DJs around the world. Featured by SingOut Magazine, Mother Jones, European Country Music Association, and Voice of America.

"Emotionally powerful stories of real people - they will move you to tears and make your heart soar." - Green Left Weekly, Australia

"A romantic realism which is down-to-earth and very close to the real world. Breathe the harmonies.......let the music fly through your ears with their magic." - European Country Music Association

Profile and Credentials        

Phil Cohen is a songwriter whose extensive travels and life experience generate material which is both lyrical and hard edged. Patricia Ford is a critically acclaimed vocalist with a unique gift for harmonies.

Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford have been performing together since 1995 and released their first CD "Fortunes of the Highway" in 1997, followed by "Caution to the Wind" in 2000. They have developed a loyal radio audience in both the domestic and international folk and country communities. Their latest release, "Long Road ‘til Sunrise" has charted throughout Europe during 2004.

Phil and Patricia have performed in diverse venues throughout the Carolinas and nationally. They have appeared on Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour and Voice of America.

Phil Cohen is also a well-known union organizer who has directed some of the most intense labor campaigns in recent history. His music and exploits have been featured in publications such as SingOut Magazine, Mother Jones, The European Country Music Association, New Renaissance, Australia's Green Left Weekly, Country Western Corner, and The Independent, along with local newspapers, television and radio across the US and abroad.

Phil is an accomplished wildlife photographer. Examples of his work can be viewed at the GALLERY LINK above.

"This is world class folk music and very straight from the heart material....Patricia Ford's lead vocal presence is the best yet among new and emerging folk artists." - Tony MacFarland - New Music Central

"Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford's words seem to cut right to the heart and soul of the working class. They put our worries and fears to music." - Dan Alloway - KTEP, El Paso, TX

"I love the music of Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford - but more important, my listeners want to hear what they have to say." - Jim Compton-Schmidt - KFRF, Fresno, CA

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please e-mail regarding live performances. Arrangements are flexible, depending upon budget and nature of the event.





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