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Jo Frey



captin cook, HI 96704
United States
T: 808-443-8100
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Jo Frey


The Journey is a step by step means to tap into your body's infinite wisdom and elicit it's unlimited healing power. Using guided imagery to uncover emotional blocks of issues of anger, fear, depression, grief, hurt, and anxiety. The Journey can help you uncover old cell memories and limiting belief patterns that can keep you emotionally and physically blocked, leading to serious or life-threatening illness.

Profile and Credentials        

Accredited Journey Practitioner,Accredited NLP practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach and certified in Reiki

Philosophy and Comments        

No matter how deep or how much you have struggled, the possibility exist for you to become absolutely whole and healed.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call or E mail for appointments or fee Schedule. Hawaii We are now located in Kealakekua on the big island. I travel to all islands and do phone sessions

Brandon Bays        

The Journey is based on the work of Brandon Bays, which she shares in her best selling book.The Journey, a road map to the soul. Brandon was able to heal her self of a basketball size tumor in just six and half weeks, she shares her experience and gives the reader a step by step process so they may go on their own journey to wellness. This process is taught at Journey seminars across the country or you can experience the Journey by contacting a Journey practitioner. To find out more about Brandon Bays or the Journey seminars go to The Journey.com or 1-866-860-0900

Spiritual Life Coaching        

My commitment is to sit in truth with you as you explore the different directions and choices to help you to live your best life.



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