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Frederica Hall LMT RPP



Flagstaff, AZ 86002
United States
T: 928 606






Polarity, Structural Integration & Cranial-Sacral Therapy Sessions, and 35 Hr. (Ceu) Certified Continuing Education Category A Workshops In Structural Cranial/Sacral Polarity POLARITY, STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION & CRANIAL-SACRAL BODY-WORK *Allows for a powerful gentle massage that encourages greater balance and health. *Releases tensions and stressful structural patterns supporting greater health. *Enhances the function of the lymphatic system, flushing toxins from the tissues. *Allows the delivery of restorative oxygen and nutrients to your body supporting recovery from injuries and helps prevent new injuries. *Frees restrictions in the joints by melting scar tissue and adhesions in the muscles, correcting posture imbalances and restoring flexibility and range of motion. *Clears the subtle patterns of disturbance in the electro magnetic currents of the nervous system. Bringing deep relaxation and balanced mental, emotional & physical awareness. STRUCTURAL CRANIAL/SACRAL POLARITY WORKSHOPS *Are designed to expand the body workers understanding, techniques and supportive skills, broadening ways to facilitate clients self empowerment into health. *Workshops are a process oriented somatic approach emphasizing Structural Cranial/Sacral Polarity's relationship to anatomy and physiology in structure and freedom of movement. *Learn how this body-work invites balance in the parasympathetic, sympathetic and central nervous systems, reflected in the bodies myofascial musculo-skeletal structure and organ relationships. * A hands on approach offering the experience of body work techniques, polarity yoga exercises, supervised practice of the techniques and more. *In a respectful and safe environment supportive of the students prior experience in body-work

Profile and Credentials        

Frederica has been a national licensed therapist since 1996. Her prier thirty years of experience as an artist and performer in the study of yoga, song, dance, creativity and their link to the ancient yoga's of health contribute to her healing work and teaching. She brings the opportunity for each client to work with their creative selves as a tool of learning and healing. She has studied with many accomplished in the Arts and Healing Arts, as well as training and teaching through the Arizona School of Integrative Studies, and t raining with The New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, . She keeps a privet practice and continues in the Arts in Flagstaff Az. and gives workshops nationally in Structural Cranial/Sacral Polarity and related fields. CERTIFICATIONS Advanced Sports Massage Cranial Sacral therapy Certified Massage Teacher Certified Continuing Education Provider Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage Registered Polarity Practitioner RPP Structural Integration Practitioner

Philosophy and Comments        

POLARITY, STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION & CRANIAL-SACRAL THERAPY * A system of body work, that supports and works with the pizo-electric charge (the life energy, potency) that is carried on the rhythmic flow of the cranial sacral fluid, inviting balance in the electromagnetic patterns mirrored in mental, emotional and physical experience, expressed in the parasympathetic, sympathetic, central nervous systems and the bodies myofacial musculo-skeletal structure and organ metabolism relationships. "Truth is found in the depth of our listening. Perceptual Skills are the ground of this work. Presence, contact, grounding, and the quality of the space you hold are essential for Success." Franklin Sills

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Very reasonable and affordable rates Available for office and out calls monday through friday and some saturdays





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