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Psychic Horizons



972 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94903
United States
T: 4156438800
F: 4156438772


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Psychic Horizons


Psychic Horizons is a school for meditation and healing in San Francisco. We teach people through meditaton and various energy work tools to become healers for themselves and others. We also offer readings, which include healing work, healing clinics, and free introductory classes. Our goal is to empower people to use these tools as a way to lead and direct their lives in a conscious way. We can do readings and healing long distance, if people cannot physically come here. Please check our web site for more information: www.psychichorizons.com

Profile and Credentials        

Psychic Horizons incorporated in 1981 and has been teaching meditation and healing tools ever since. We have had hundreds of people graduate from our clairvoyant training program, and thousands of people attend classes, workshops, readings, healing clinics and fairs.

Philosophy and Comments        

At Psychic Horizons, we talk a lot about creating your life for you. We teach that when you take time to create changes (heal) within yourself, you can direct your own path. But you ned tools to do that, and that's our job -- to teach you the tools. Then it's your job to do your own creating and healing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We have ongoing classes, workshops, readings, healing clincs and fairs. We can do readings and healings absentee, meaning you can send in or telephone in your name, issues, address, etc., and we will do a 2-hour reading and healing. Readings range in price from $35 for a student reading, $50 for a specialty reading, $95 for a staff reading. Classes are 7 weeks long, where you learn the energy work tools you need. They are $180 if paid in full, or $210 in installments.





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