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Marie Pascus



Tewksbury, MA United States




A Great Psychic - Marie!


Hello, My name is Marie, I'm an Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor in Psychic Readings and the Tarot and I can help find that new job, romance or financial opportunity by describing who, when and how! And if you're looking at more than one opportunity, I can tell which is best! Of course, I can help with almost any problem! I'm a Scorpio (the sign of psychic healers) with Neptune rising, a natural psychic from birth! I also offer psychic medium, astrology comparison, numerology and past life history readings. For a great Psychic Reading, please click on my WEBSITE now!

Profile and Credentials        

15 years experience in Psychic Tarot, reading the cards and helping others.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe very strongly in a Higher Power (the Creator, God), that our experiences on Earth teach us spiritual lessons and I love what I'm doing because I feel I'm being truly helpful.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Site available 24 hours a day; All readings by email; pay by Credit Card, PayPal or Money Order. Readings delivered within 24 hours unless there are extenuating circumstances.





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