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Quantum Lifeworks Institute & Longevity Center



20000 Spring Meadow Drive Suite 102
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
United States
T: 919-490-5474
F: 919-969-9638


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Quantum Lifeworks Institute & Longevity Center


When Nothing Else Works!
Quantum Lifeworks Institute&Longevity Center is dedicated to providing skills and life strategies that will facilitate miracles of healing on all levels. Through private consultation and workshops we can and do neutralize the useless forms of: guilt,fear,panic,trauma,painful war memories and self doubt,depression that weigh down our self image and limits our capacity to experience joy,inner peace and unlimited abundance. We offer weight management,stress reduction,and relationship counseling.

Profile and Credentials        

Gina Gallagher is a certified Advanced Hypnotherapist,Neuro Energy Psychology Therapist, EFT/TFT Practioner and Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer. We have had tremendous success using a combination of modalities including, Neuro Energy Therapy,Cognitive& Behavioral Therapy, Gesalt Therapy,NLP,Reality Therapy

Philosophy and Comments        

Facilitating Growth& Transformation.

Quantum Lifeworks Institute & Longevity Center Offers holistic integrative therapeutic approaches that support your own unique unfolding and personal growth. We work with people moving through the personal dimension of core transformation, helping them to access or acquire the inner resources to sustain them on their path to emergence into a new way of being. The insights and skills you will gain will help gently; yet powerfully facilitate lasting and positive change.
We provide an environment of compassion, understanding, respect and appreciation that we all need and deserve.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Office hours MWFS 12noon-7pm. Private Sessions @$120.000 per hour. Sliding scale available with proof of hardship.





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