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Carol Wood



P.O. Box 506 Robina D.C.
Gold Coast, QL 4226
T: 07 55 94 77 84


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The Rainbow Planet Connection


A wide variety of programs and resources are available through the Rainbow Planet Connection. These offer Teachers, Parents, Counsellors and others valuable tools to assist children with Self Worth, Anger Management, Communication and Interaction with others.

The Rainbow Planet Connection uses a 2-step approach in its programs:
1. Assisting children to become aware of and understand their feelings and inner state through activities such as BREATHING and BODY AWARENESS and RELAXATION EXERCISES.
2. Encouraging children to be responsible for and manage their own feelings and consequent behaviours using activities such as ART, DRAMA, BODY MOVEMENT and more.

Profile and Credentials        

Carol Wood has a background in teaching and counselling and has worked in these areas in the U.K and Australia. She is also a self taught Artist.
Carol was inspired to develop this program for children to help them to tap into their creative potential, as she felt this was a major key in helping them to feel good about themselves and to develop a healthy sense of self worth.
She also felt that this type of program would assist children to express outwardly what's happening for them on the inside.
Karyn Nash has worked mainly in primary schools, dealing with children with learning challenges particularly in the last five years of her teaching career. As she interacted with these children it became apparent to her that the emotional wellness and self worth of these children needed to be addressed in order to unblock their learning difficulties.

Philosophy and Comments        

We, at the Rainbow Planet Connection, have a heartfelt desire to encourage children to reach their full potential. The Rainbow Planet Connection concept has been designed to help children to release blocked emotions; which can prevent the full expression of their creative self.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Training is available and highly recommended to ensure that Facilitators have the required skills and techniques, and are confident and familiar with the materials and contents of the Fun Pack. This allows the maximum benefit for the participating children. Currently training sessions are held monthly on the Gold Coast, Queensland. CONTACT THE TEAM FOR TRAINING AND COSTING IN OTHER AREAS.
Email Carol at enquiries@rainbowplanetconnection.com





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