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Bhavna Bhen



Delray Beach, FL 33445
United States
T: 561-637-9905




Bhavna Bhen


Raja yoga meditation is a study for self mastery.Raja means king, sovereign or supreme. Yoga means link or union. It is this very link which cleanses the soul of the rust which has accumulated over time. In raja yoga we learn to connect with our true state of peace, bliss, love and power. We learn to recognize ourselves as souls, separate from the body and thereby in a true and natural way remove ourselves from the pain and sufferings of the body. We learn to think the thoughts we WANT TO think, rather than the thoughts we're USED TO THINKING , because the thoughts we are used to thinking often times cause us sorrow. We learn to understand the law of karma fully and thereby remove the root cause of all disease such that we come into a time of complete freedom from disease.

Profile and Credentials        

BK Bhavna runs the Delray Beach,Florida branch of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. She has been on the teaching staff for more than 12 years. Offered at the center are classes to suit all needs. A foundation course in Raja yoga, public classes, positive thinking, meditation for very busy people, and ongoing,daily advanced classes, all offerred free of charge as a community service. She also integrates with the community giving talks in local libraries, bookstores,and prisons etc.
She travels to Mount Abu , India to the BKWSU headquarters for further training on a yearly basis. She is a fully surrendered sister who lives at the center having dedicated her life to the service of human kind.
BK Bhavna also has personal experience with regards to the power of Raja Yoga with regard to the sickness of the body. Ten years ago, when she had a mere 2 years introduction to this knowledge , she experienced a major stroke which left the right side of her body completely paralyzed for several months. It was at this same time that it was determined that the cause of the stroke was an auto immune disease known as Lupus. Untofore diagnosed. She will tell you, as will those who know her, that the body had a stroke etc. but that she never did, because she never took one moments sorrow from it. Amazing to herself as much as to anyone else! It was the power of the Raja Yoga. This was a test, and the time to study for any test is BEFORE the test. Which she had. Points such as , all scenes of this drama have benefit for me, and thoughts for service constantly emerging. The body will get sick but why let the mind get sick too. Why have 2 problems because I have 1 problem? I won't get better any faster by being sad or worried about the state of the body. In fact research has shown just the opposite. I'm actually liable to slow down the healing process by being stressed. In Raja Yoga one is taught definitive techniques complimented by Supreme knowledge that enables this to be practically experienced not just dreamt or philosophised about. The main experience being a bodiless stage in complete union with the Supreme.

Philosophy and Comments        

It is the philosophy of the more than 5000 BK centers in more than 90 countries world wide that all human life is innately and originally divine in nature. That though the seasons have changed and we are now in the desolate,cold of "winter" we will once again return to the sweet "spring time of man" A time when the earth and all it's inhabitants live in blissful harmony , complete with peace, love, perfect health, and abundance. Now is the time to recognize and prepare ourselves to be in such harmony with this concept that the sapling of this new tree is realized .
Also inherent in every Raja Yogi is the intrinsic self worth and divine rights of each soul. We travel the globe in effort to support this thought.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

For your convenience, the foundation course is offered one on one any time from 7 A.M. - 7 P.M. , 7 days a week by appointment. After completing that , there are ongoing , advanced classes , daily. Please call for further info concerning all other classes.
All classes world wide are offerred FREE OF CHARGE, as a community service.





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