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Niel and Jane Carey and Barry



Suite 30 Level 2 20-22 Macquarie St
Parramatta, NSW 2150
T: 02 96351519
F: 02 9891 1407


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chiron usui reiki


Chiron Usui Reiki provides Reiki Treatments and Reiki classes in the Usui System of Natural Healing. Both Jane Barry and Niel Carey are Reiki Masters and run this service alongside their Chiron Counselling Practice in Parramatta in western Sydney NSW. The Reiki attunements for level one two and three are held over two and two and a half days. Reiki provides the client with an opportunity to relieve stress and deveop a greater spiritual, emotional and physical balance. Niel follows in his father's tradition who was also a Reiki master. The rooms in Macquarie St Parramatta are comfortable and conducive to relaxation and meditation. Less stress through Reiki

Profile and Credentials        

Niel and Jane have been involved in education for over 30 years.We have been principal, or assistant principals of large primary schools and have served in a variety of consultancy roles. We both hold Masters degrees in Education, a Bachelor of Spec. Ed and various diplomas. We are involved in ongoing learning including counselling courses, hypnotherapy and are interested in NLP. We have been involved with Reiki for over ten years and continue to be amazed with the gifts that it brings to people.

Philosophy and Comments        

We believe in the interdependence of all things including the space around us. Without space a cup would have no meaning.We continue to develop our understanding of the universal energy systems,auras, the chakras and the process of healing that can balnce those energies within and around each one of us. Reiki is one of the least invasive of all therapies but is so powerful in its gentleness.We have a goal of laying this truth before as many people as possible.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 7pm Saturday 8.00am to 4pm. By appointment only on these days.

Complementary Service        

We have found that Reiki adds so much to our ability to counsel people through relationship and person issues. Our alter role as Professional Counsellors is strengthened by our understanding and practise of Reiki. www.chironcounselling.com.au




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