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Noortje Vanderelst



Canmore, ALB T1W 1A3
T: 403 678 1137
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Reiki Rocks Enterprise


My passion is helping people feel good/at peace in this world and helping them reach their optimal health goals, through deeply relaxing Reiki treatments and by giving the body the raw materials it needs to recover from the growing toxins we are exposed to, every single day! We live in stress full times. The key is to get the body, mind, emotions and spirit in balance.
Getting attuned to Reiki (during a class) is another way to feel more at peace about life. Your vibrational level will be raised during the attunement and will release denser (lower vibrations) energies. This can cause vivid dreams, flu-like symptoms or even a short lived depression, however it is just a way of the body ridding itself of "old stuff" no longer useful. You will be more open to Reiki energy as well. After a Reiki class, you'll start to see things in a different way so life gets easier, along with a wonderful feeling of peace and well-being.

Profile and Credentials        

Noortje Vanderelst has practiced Reiki for over a year and is now a Registered Practitioner/Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association. She believes that the quality of life can be enhanced with Reiki, no matter what is going on in your life. She also believes in Positive Affirmations to bring abundance into your life.
Make sure to check out the web-site. It has some great links on it, that can help you gain a higher quality in life, right off the web!

Have a wonderful day!

Philosophy and Comments        

Reiki is one of the most powerful, yet gentle ways to release energy blocks (by chakra balancing, moving the energy throughout the body, releasing negative energy). It can support your life in many ways, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.
It's deep relaxation leaves you feeling centered and you will have a greater sence of being at peace.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call or e-mail us, to book your appointment(evenings available).

Thank you!

Why Supplement?        

I learned illness starts in the body years before any signs come to the surface. Unfortunately I lost my dad to cancer twelve years ago. That is why it is critical to take charge of our health and wellness right now and be preventative! BEFORE we get sick!Disease is just the tip of the iceberg; the bigger problem is below the surface, like nutrient insufficiency, bacteria, environmental toxins, metabolic and/or energetic imbalance, physical and emotional stress, pharmaceutical drugs (side effects; depleting nutrients in our body, Lethal Dose 50), recreational drugs, structural misalignment etc. The quality of our food is not what it once was, everyone has to supplement, there is no way around it, if you prefer to stay healthy until "old-age". Drugs are no longer the answer. LD50 stands for Lethal Dose 50, which means pharmaceutical companies feed it to rats until 50%of them dies. In other words: Pharmaceutical drugs are and have to be toxic. Think of what it will do to your body (especially long-term). Drugs are there to treat symptoms, not the cause. They actually deplete you from vital nutrients.




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