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Rose Howard, MA, ATR-BC, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Aromatherapist, Sound Frequency Healer

Rose Howard


Louisville, KY 40229
United States
T: 502-741-9612


MISSION: Reclaim What Is Yours, Naturally!
THOUSAND PETALS Is A Locally Owned Business Which Supports Ethically Produced and Harvested Botanicals and Oils, and Natural Methods of Healing.
Thousand Petals is committed to the creation of the highest quality, all natural products that benefit your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and growth. Only the purest ingredients are used to support your Mind, Body, and Spirit Care.

Profile and Credentials        


~Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

~Voice Analysis and Sound Frequency Healing Training for detoxing, balancing,regeneration, and vibrational acceleration

~Hanna Kroeger School of Natural & Spiritual Healing-Levels I, II and Level III Practitioner Training/Methods which include several Body Work techniques, Herbs, Homeopathy, and Dowsing;

~Advanced BioGenesis Tools Training, Tools of Cosmic Light and Vibration ;

~Clinical Aromatherapy Training.
I practice creatively and intuitively in any work, from teacher of reading to the disadvantaged, to art, to the practice of healing work following my degree in Art Therapy, 1989. My research on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder won a national writing competition for art therapy graduate students, and was published in The American Journal of Art Therapy, Feb., 1990.

I combine my Fine Arts teaching background and Art Therapy training with training in other Holistic Modalities and Energy Work,

I am owner and creator of Thousand Petals All Natural, Mind, Body, and Spirit Care Aromatherapy Products and Holistic Services.

Philosophy and Comments        


THOUSAND PETALS is, by Intent, working to be like the Rhythm of Nature, Evolving and Transforming. We believe that the Body does what it is designed to do: Heal Itself Naturally.

The Lotus flower, with its deep roots and lovely, fragrant petals was chosen to represent this company because of its highly respected, historic meaning in many cultures and lands.

Thousand Petals looks for the best quality, First Press, Therapeutic Grade oils and base ingredients that honor the planet's ability to heal and support our health, body, and spirit care rituals.
My Favorite Quote:
"What You Are the World Is, and without Your Transformation there is no Transformation of the World." Krishnamurti
Classes/Groups/Individual Sessions: Thousand Petals offers Services that respect each client's gift and ability for self-healing.
~Usui and Karuna Reiki - All Levels
~The Art of Aromatherapy
~Integrated Healing Methods You Can Practice at Home
~Sound Meditation for Transformation
~Voice Imprint Analysis, and Sound Frequency Healing
~Art and Aromas in Meditation
~Understanding and Working with Dreams/ Nightmares
All classes are competitively priced. There are options for folks of limited or fixed income.
Please inquire. Good Faith Philosophy!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Appointments available Monday - Saturday. Day and Evenings available.

Sessions and classes available in Louisville, KY

Accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders

Value-Priced prepaid session packages available.

Email for details.


The Chakra Oil Blends open and balance the Chakras. Regardless of what "Energy" system you follow, these high vibration oil blends will support your meditation and transformation.
In addition to the high vibration of first press essential oils, these blends are infused with sound frequencies.
The Chakra Collection of Blends include Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, as well as, Ascension Chakra, and Soul Star.
Email for more information and/or price list.


NEW 2012: SACRED SEVEN OIL BLENDS: For Increased Vibration and 5th Dimensional Work, Try These Powerful and Beautiful Sacred Seven Oils: The Dance, Healing Oil, Rainbow Harmonics, 6 Circle Oil, Star Release, The Enchanted, and Emerald Circle. The Blends are Alchemy Inspired and Infused with Sound Frequencies, Merkaba, and Star Codes. For Meditation Only.
Email for Description and Price List. Will send via attachment.
All products are competitively priced. Please inquire or request pricing on the kinds of products you desire or need.
Be Blessed on Your Journey!

IONIC DETOX FOOT SPA Treatments        

FIRST DETOX SPA TREATMENT! Only $25. Thereafter, only $30. All Sessions include a FREE Follow-Up Reflexology/Foot Massage with nourishing massage oils.

Enjoy this gentle, yet powerful method of pulling toxins out of the body. The water changes color and shows the debris/toxins being pulled out, e.g., fungus, mucus, chemicals and metals. You are very welcomed to ask questions.

Sessions are 30 minutes in the Foot Detox Spa.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT! Our FREE Follow-Up Reflexology/Foot Massage with beneficial oils....And an electrolyte/mineral drink is also given. Session includes herbal suggestions and gentle detox at home. All at the same price as other foot spa only treatments.

Ask about referral specials.

Call: 502-741-9612


~My regular therapist sent me for a Sound Frequency session with Rose. Rose took me between clients for a half hour. I had a malignant tumor in my right breast. I did a self exam before and after the session. After just 30 minutes the lump had reduced by 50%. I am so grateful. M.,KY

~Wow! That was awesome. I felt blood moving in my body in places it hadn't moved before. D.,OH

~Until Rose moved from Indianapolis, I wouldn't see anyone else. I was able to release old nightmares and flashbacks, and use her techniques on my own at home. L.,IN

~I hope Rose prints this: I often had incredible visual journeys during her sessions. Once, I opened my eyes and saw, not Rose, but a 7 foot being of light working on me. I also took Usui & Karuna Reiki from her and use it on my animals at my job. Before I can do anything else, one of them nudges me until I've done Reiki on him. S.,KY

~At our college wellness fair, Rose Howard demonstrated her expert knowledge in aromatherapy with specific knowledge of chakra oils to fit the event's sexual wellness theme. She both broadened and tailored her knowledge for our primarily campus audience. Her booth, A Thousand Petals, flourished with an array of color, conversation and information - by which she introduced students and others to aromatherapy as a holistic life enhancer. In addition to her substantial skills and specialties, I was most impressed by her expertise as an educator and reliable collaborator for the event. Rose offers a rare combination of resources on many levels. I'm looking for a chance to feature A Thousand Petals again! Dr. Renee R-Y

~Greetings: Rose has always provided me personally and for my clients the highest quality products at the most reasonable of prices. Her essential oil blends go far beyond other mass produced oils and you can feel the essence of love and service in each one. I highly recommend them to anyone who is ready for transformation change. Jessie M., Louisville,KY, 10/23/12

~Rose is very knowledgeable of her products & I'll recommend her products to anyone. Linda E. 1/24/13

~Rose is an exceptional person who is full of knowledge in many areas. She is organized with handouts that explain her products & also does presentations at trade shows. It is very nice to hear her advice & use her wonderful products which are first rate. She creates high quality essential oils such as body anointing massage oils and blends I use for meditation. Anita P. 2/15/13

~Rose provides excellent products and services. She is extremely knowledgeable and she freely shares her knowledge. I know that I am getting value and quality from Rose and would recommend her for product, guidance, and education. Rose F. 2/15/13

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