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Debbi Quinn



P.O. Box 95
Seaside Park, NJ 08752
United States
T: 732-793-6656


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Blue Moon Herbals


Blue Moon incorporates ritual, magickal and wise woman traditions producing formulas that stir the spirit, soothe the soul and heal the body-vibrational essences, chakra oils, aura mysts, ritual potions and more drawing on the healing powers of essential oils, herbs, flower & gem essences & charged crystals. All crafted without harm to others; Reiki charged,in harmony with nature.

Debbi, our aromatherapist and Indian Head massage practitioner, is available for lectures, workshops and consultations.

Profile and Credentials        

Blue Moon Herbals began as a means of taking control of my own health. I was first diagnosed with cancer in 1988, a time when "breast cancer" was not discussed as openly as it is today. Information on cancer and available options (both alternative and conventional) were not easy to find. Being unprepared and uninformed, I finally followed my doctors down the "yellow brick road" of conventional treatment. I am still amazed when I think of that time in my life, especially concerning the drugs; some corrosive enough to require skin grafts if dripped on the skin! In the early 90s, I vowed to take an active part in enhancing my immune system. With knowledge and a strong healthy body, I have faced my last two reoccurrences with success.

Working with meditation, massage, nutrition, reflexology and crystals, I nourished my body and fed my soul. I always had a love for aroma and wore scented oils from the time I was a teenager, Patchouli being my favorite. The choice became clear- to become a student of this ancient science.

Inevitably the frustration with products more confusing than effective, led me to research and study the various effects of essential oils, herbs, & essences, ultimately their connection on a vibrational level with the mineral world. I began blending my own oils and created a line of products blended with organic essential oils and botanicals, imbued resins, flower and gem essences and crystals. Alchemy at work? Without a doubt, but also embracing the aesthetics of organic perfumery- potions that evolve, enhance and enfold the very soul of the wearer- perfumes with a purpose.

Blue Moon continues today as a woman owned green business, solidly standing by the belief that we are caretakers of the earth. I receive all the gifts of nature with gratitude and continually strive to improve our offerings, combining aroma-therapeutic knowledge with a background in women's studies and developed in the magickal, botanical and Wise Woman traditions. It was a period of transformation, doing something I love. Today, I am known locally as the “potion queen" and through Blue Moon Herbals, I am committed to helping you enhance your physical, emotional & spiritual well being through the use of pure therapeutic oils, herbs, flowers & crystals.

May you enjoy these potions as much as I.

Philosophy and Comments        

Unique line of aroma vibrational essences, chakra oils, aura mysts, bath pleasures, botanical body products and ritual potions inspired by nature. Our aromatic scents draw on the therapeutic & magical healing powers of pure essential oils, fragrant herbs, flower & gem essences & charged crystals. All are crafted without harm to others; in harmony with nature.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Aroma Vibrational Mysts        

Space clearing is a way to refresh and protect ourselves, encouraging changes such as rejuvenation and wellness. The essences and oils embrace us and allow us to experience the vibrational healing of the individual plants and gems. The fragrant aromas trigger instant emotional response or memory. Essences are water based infusions that hold the energetic pattern of a particular flower or gem. Everything in nature has an energetic pattern that can help us heal. When we capture this energy in an essence we ourselves are encouraged to bloom, to blossom. Our sprays are combinations of the subtle healing vibrations (essences) and aromatherapy. They are sprayed above and around the head, the mist floating down into the aura and senses. This way to refresh and protect ourselves encourages changes such as rejuvenation and wellness. You will get the benefit of both aromatherapy and vibrational healing. The fragrant aromas trigger instant emotional response or memory. Many of our clients use them for healing spaces, to assist meditation and for yoga and tai chi as well. Spray mist lightly around your body and anywhere you wish refreshed, cleared and energized.

Read more or order Aroma Vibrational Mysts

Massage and Body Oils / Essential Oils        

A blend of sunflower, sweet almond and jojoba oils with vitamin E to preserve and protect your skin. Blue Moon's body oils are created for the psychological as well as physical effects. Ideal for pouring into the bath, or smoothing over the body for extra softness.

Aromatic blends are packaged in beautiful cobalt blue bottles with hemp cord ties (4 oz. unless otherwise noted) For massage therapists: Please use any of our blends in a 1:3 ratio. For example 1 oz of citrus grove oil mixed with 3 oz unscented massage oil or lotion.

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We are proud to carry high quality pure essential oils. Oils are for external use and should be kept away from children. Be careful to never get any in your eyes. If this happens DO NOT USE WATER to flush it out. Use oil such as vegetable, sweet almond or grapeseed. And speaking of water, remember to drink plenty of pure water. A therapeutic essential oil will cause the body to purge toxins. Drinking water will provide your body with a path for elimination of these toxins.

With pure essential oils, use only the minimum amount necessary. If you are seeking a particular oil and do not see it on the list, contact us & we will be happy to obtain it for you. To protect your oils, they should be ideally kept in dark bottles like our cobalt blue bottles and away from heat and the sun.

Never apply essential oils undiluted on the skin! Always dilute first in a carrier oil for massage or in water for bathing. Essential Oils are extremely concentrated and should be treated with the utmost respect. Remember that a little goes a long way and more IS NOT better. Always use the minimum amount possible. They are for external use only and should be kept away from the reach of children.

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Aromatic Jewelry & Bottles        

Aromatic pendants have been favored by women throughout the ages. Victorians carried their essences in bottles or charms as a convenient version of the "smelling salt" useful in fending off vapors or fainting spells.

Lingering Scents?.........These diffuser & spirit bottle necklaces allow you to carry and use your favorite anointing oil, aromatic perfume or healing blend throughout the day. All necklaces come in a black velvet pouch.

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