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LInda Webber



PO Box 367
Bellingen, NSW 2454
T: +61 2 6655 0676
F: +61 2 6655 1941


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Sacred Space Essentials


Self-healing with gentle forms of Vibrational Medicine such as Bach Flower Remedies and Sacred Space Essentials Flower Essences to create and maintain balance and harmony of the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. Enhance the life you live with Flower Therapy for People, Pets & Plants. Visit our site for Products, Information, Consultations and Sacred Art.

Profile and Credentials        

My journey into forms of gentle self-healing began over 20 years ago, looking for ways to help me live with epilepsy. I came across Bach Flower Remedies in the late 1980's, and found their balancing effects quite remarkable. This inspired me to study Bach Flower Remedies and other forms of natural healing in depth. I am a certified Bach Flower practitioner, having worked with people, their pets and their plants for over 15 years. I am committed to the on-going research and development of flower therapy, and my mission is to bring this pure and natural form of vibrational healing into our everyday living.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that healing is possible on all levels, and that the healing process should be gentle and without unpleasant side-effects. Flower remedies are the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their lives in any way, as they bring into balance all aspects of our being. Flower remedies are also beneficial when we are looking to develop certain characteristics that lay dormant within us. All living things - people, pets and plants - respond well to flower remedies. Individual remedies are available, as well as combination blends to suit your particular needs.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Individual remedy 25ml dosage bottle $8
Individual remedy 10ml stock bottle $17.50
Essential Blends for Wellbeing 25ml dosage bottle $11.00
Pet Health Blends 25ml dosage bottle $11.00
Up to 6 remedies chosen by customer in 25ml dosage bottle $12
Personal consultation with prescribed 25ml flower remedy $24
Discounts available for Practitioners, Students of Flower Therapy and Retail customers.





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