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Healthworks of the Gulf South

Samuel Bridges, ND, CTN


928 John Churchill Chase
New Orleans, LA 70130
United States
T: 504 524 2446
F: 926 2192

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Sam Bridges is owner of Healthworks of the Gulf South and has provided health counseling and motivation to thousands of clients seeking to prevent and support chronic diseases. Including chronic fatigue, diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, distress, joint pain, male/female hormone support, gout, athletic enhancement and weight control. Having onced weight close to 300 pounds, he is an advocate of weight control and shares his secrets to successfully keeping off 100 pounds for 26 years. With a doctorate in naturopathy, he is also a practitioner of bioenergetix medicine and Quantum Reflex Analsyis - assesssment techniques based in ancient accupuncture sites.

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