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AAAH Jeanann International Psychic and Medium



Milmont Park, PA 19033
United States
T: 610 5229111


Jeanann,World Reknown-Psychic Medium was recently seen on "America's Got Talent." Jeanann has had some of her predicitions printed annually, has been part of WDEL and Wilm Radio.Jeanann also ofers a"A Talk with Spirit" where messages are relayed from those on the other side. Jeanann has worked with many National Organizations.

Her gifts are to be used to help others and Jeanann believes she is the verbal end of God's stick.Visit her on her website or come see Jeanann at special events.


Profile and Credentials        

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Private Readings $125.00

Phone Readings $150.00

Local Parties 7-10 people $45.00 each

Corporate call for details





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