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Gail Adrian



Sussex County, New Jersey
Stockholm, NJ 07460
United States
T: (973) 697-3628


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Gail Adrian, Fragranceur©


Celebrate yourself and honor Nature with exquisite botanical artisan perfume.

Gail Adrian, Fragranceur© offers a unique customized perfume blending session she calls

The Ethereal Journey™. Using rare botanical essences, Gail Adrian weaves the story of your life into an aromatic biography designed to entrance, enchant, and delight.

Ms Adrian is also a skilled cosmetologist and skincare practitioner and offers facial services as well as a variety of hair cutting and haircoloring services.

Profile and Credentials        

As a Traditional Perfume Artist, I co-create, with each and every client, individualized perfume delicacies. All my perfume ingredients are meticulously sourced from rare, unique natural essences, absolutes, and essential oils.

Drawing from my 30 year study of esoterica, metaphysics and intuitive healing, I carefully compose an aromatic portrait designed to elevate your life journey.

Choose either a custom perfume created from a rich oil or sparkling spirits.

I have studied the art of botanical perfumery with Masters.

In addition to holding a license in cosmetology since 1979, I have a diploma in Aromatherapy. My work with the face combines energetics plus holistic skin care.

I also delight in formulating skincare creames designed to support the skin in every season.

When performing my facials, I include work on the hands and feet to ensure complete balancing. I use only all-botanical products and custom blend for each individual client to ensure complete personalized services.

Philosophy and Comments        

I honor the ancient art of Perfumery by practicing it in its purest form and with its original intent: to inspire, to heal, and to impassion.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I offer my services by appointment.

Please contact me via my website http://www.gailadrian.com

or telephone me at

(973) 697-3628

A Strictly Custom Perfume Service        

I do strictly one on on custom work. For a discussion of the service that is perfect for you, please email me: gail@gailadrian.com




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