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Clairvoyant Psychic healer,distance reader and medical intuitive. Powerful chakra balancing and channeling offering accurate, detailed and specific answers to your questions in any area of your life. Pure psychic with a natural gift without any "classroom" training of any sort. I trust what these angels and guides tell me because they are accurate and always on the mark and their information is exactly what I relay to you. I work with angels and a vortex of divine energy to heal, harmonize and balance your being on all levels. E-mail me at Nancy@seaintuit.com for more information or see my site www.seaintuit.com.

Profile and Credentials        

Over 20 years of readings please see my site at www.seaintuit.com: Angel Guide readings Medical Intuitive Diagnosis reading Energy/ Distance healing Core energy cleansing Pet communication Pet healing "Accurate,amazing,mind blowing experience;Highly recommended " "My 2nd reading, was able to see things unfold, very accurate, will do again" "Incredible, unbelievable and very insightful! Outstanding experience! Thank you" "WOW!!! Nancy is right on track again!! Wonderful reader and healer!!!!" "Fine; full, detailed, often startlingly accurate with no info on my part-thanks" "Knew of father's passing.SAID NAME of old boyfriend who's still cares! Incredible " "Angelic voice. Knew things only my angels would. True Angel. 1000% Real" "Great reading 2 years ago, I'm back for another dose of keen insight!! AAA++++ " "Truly incredible..was totally amazed and awed. Can't thank you enough!" "Her gifted reading was phenomenal! I want another one soon! AAAAA+++++++++++++ "

Philosophy and Comments        

WORKING IN UNISON WITH ANGELS TO HEAL PEOPLE AND PETS "More things are wrought from prayer than man can ever dream of" Author Unknown

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am available weekdays and nights and every other weekend.Please see my web site at www.seaintuit.com for more information and availability.

Animal communicator and pet psychic        

Distance Energy healer        

psychic medium        

Angel and Spirit Guide communication        

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