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Sean McGraw



P.O. Box 160780
Nashville, TN 37216-0780
United States


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Sean Patrick McGraw


an awesomely cool sight which let's the informed country fan know what i look like, who i sound like, where I am, how to hire me, what's on my mind, etc, etc, etc....

Profile and Credentials        

i've been in nashville long enough to make a living...I do a lot of session work as a singer and i play guitar for CURB artist Steve Holy upon occasion. I also play for Koch recording artist Dean Miller. most of the time I play my own music anywhere and everywhere that'll have me.

so far as credentials go, I've been on the opry and nashville star, written some esongs that have been recorded and can name drop with the best of 'em when need be....

Philosophy and Comments        

my philosophy?

"have a good time ALL the time..."

that being said, I'm admittedly uptight and a work-a-holic.

i believe in doing unto others the way I want to be done unto, I change my own oil, and I don't trust any man who doesn't drink beer.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

i work most waking hours of my existance.

Fee schedule? flexible uopn demand





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