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Ashkee Tsouras



Houston, TX 77070
United States
T: 832-237-5894






Ashkee is a Reiki Master/Teacher. 30 yrs experience in energy work. Practicing Seichem, Traditional Usui, Tera Mai, Ascension and Gendai Reiki Ho Reiki. Dedicated to inner growth through Reiki, Neuro Integration, Energy Medicine, EFT, and more. My goal is to allow each persons path to unfold in its own unique way. Ashkee offers Distance Reiki Training for those who cannot come in person. Many other Initiations and Attunements offered. For those who like astrology we offer a wide selection of reports that are e-mailed directly to you.

Consultations, Healing Sessions and Certified Training Classes are available.

Classes are not posted on the website. Please call or e-mail Ashkee for current class dates. Ashkee also teaches individuals privately if they do not enjoy a class situation.

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30 years Experience

Philosophy and Comments        

You have to know who you are not........ Before you truly know who you are.

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Please call for appointments.

(832) 237-5894





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