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Charlie Badenhop



1-11-13 Wakamiya, Nakano-ku
Tokyo, 165-0033
T: 813-3336-8138


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Arati Co. Ltd.


Personal services include phone sessions and in person private sessions in regard to the following: Hypnosis; somatic therapy; coaching; cross cultural adjustment issues; long term issues of depression or excess stress; relief from various physical ailments such as pain caused by accidents, injuries, migraine headaches, and fibfomyalgia; smoking cessation; self hypnosis training.
Public classes in Japan on self hypnosis, coaching, NLP, and personal development.
Corporate seminars on team building, creativity, and other topics.
Customized business consulting.

Profile and Credentials        

Charlie Badenhop is the originator of Seishindo, a certified trainer in NLP, a registered instructor of Aikido in Japan, a long term practitioner of Self-relations therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and the Japanese healing art of Sei Tai. He gives seminars in various locations worldwide, and also has an active private practice.

Philosophy and Comments        

Seishindo is a discipline that was designed to help people cultivate their ability to live in a generative, solution oriented manner, in order to more consistently respond to life with passion, clarity, and commitment. Seishindo is a Japanese term which can be said to mean
"the cultivation of a pure heart and simple mind" or "the cultivation of the whole self". In order to fully understand and benefit from Seishindo a student needs to have both an intellectual and an experiential relationship to the principles that are espoused. Usually this requires both a classroom setting from time to time, as well as individual practice and trial and error learning.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Work hours range from 8:30AM to 9PM. Personal sessions for private individuals are $200 per hour. A sliding scale is possible in special situations. Corporate coaching is on a contract basis.





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