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Sharelynne Phillips

Sharelynne Phillips


York Region, Ontario Canada
T: 905-731-3064



Growing up in a “normally dysfunctional alcoholic home”, Sharelynne comes from a place of truly knowing what this means.
She understands how making bad choices in partners have affected her and her children.

Personal Message from Sharelynne:
I love comments!! And if you are a visitor to my site then please send me an e-mail at sharelynne@gmail.com or write a comment in my Blog.
I love comments-any kind of comment!!

Copies of the book are still available through Straight Talk about Life please give us a call to let us know how many autographed copies you would like!!

Profile and Credentials        

Sharelynne Phillips is a single mother of two wonderful children. She currently lives in York Region, Ontario, Canada on her own with her girls (kitties) for the first time in her life.

"Writing this book was very therapeutic", she states proudly . Her autobiography and children’s books are all based on personal experiences too.

Sharelynne studied at York University in Psychology and French. She has previously held positions as an Instructional Aide, a mediator for Special Needs Babes, a Bilingual Customer Service Representative in both office and retail store environments.

From October 2004 to March 2007 she completed many courses, classes, and workshops to “undo the damage”:

Through the York Region Women’s Centre, Sharelynne has taken many certificate workshops such as healthy boundaries, healthy relationships, managing conflict and self-empowerment. She completed Enterprising Women, a business course for women entrepreneurs. Through the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic she completed a series of two Art Therapy courses. The second was “An Expressive Art Project for Women” who had been a victim of abuse. This involved planning for and being included in an art show where she displayed her totem which represented her healing journey.

Sharelynne volunteered as a tutor at the Community-Based Literacy Coalition. She was a member, then Co-Facilitator, and then Facilitator for the local Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Wellness Support Group. She was diagnosed with both in 2004.

Sharelynne has taught Korean students and adult women English to assist them in improving their communication skills.

Sharelynne completed the Adult Psychology Diploma Course with highest honours through ICS Canada.
She is currently taking the ICS Child Psychology Diploma Course.

This book was featured in the OmniTV prize vault from March 24 until April 4, 2008.

All the photographs featured on the site were taken by Sharelynne. Photography along with her writing has also been something creative Sharelynne has always enjoyed.

Philosophy and Comments        

Sharelynne Phillips is highly experienced in Life lessons

Sharelynne Phillips wrote her autobiography to teach others about choices, self-respect, and self-esteem based on her experiences.

Sharelynne Phillips grew up in a “normally dysfunctional alcoholic home”. This gave her a diverse perspective into behaviour. She has enjoyed her journey of personal growth-psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sharelynne Phillips conducts workshops and talks on a variety of topics and subjects to many different community groups to share her knowledge and experience with others. Topics such as self-empowerment, confidence, bullying, choices. Just to name a few. The talks are VERY powerful and uplifting and very educational.

If you would like to have her speak to your group, please contact us:

via e-mail at: sharelynne@gmail.com
please call at: 905-731-3064

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


MARCH 3, 2008

Retail Price
$24.99 GST included.
(If mailing is necessary S/H is extra.)

With His Generous Permission
Chapter 21 Is Dedicated To
“The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore”,
By Best Selling Author and Public Speaker Alan Cohen

We gladly accept cheques. Please make cheques payable to Straight Talk about Life.

Back Cover of Book (picture from front cover)        

Sharelynne stated more than once throughout her autobiography that, “This is a learning from my mistakes book”!

There is much concern throughout the adult/parent population regarding their feeling powerless in protecting their children, or children in general from sexual predators, bullying, and the fear of many such similar scenarios. For Sharelynne, knowledge is power; by speaking from her own experience, she hopes to empower others about these concerns and other such very dysfunctional personality-types.

Growing up in a “normally dysfunctional alcoholic home”, Sharelynne comes from a place of truly knowing what this encompasses. What this means is she understands how making bad choices in life, specifically in partners, has affected her and her children.

Sharelynne starts the book by saying, “It is my hope you will learn from my experiences and lessons and understand how easy it is for someone with such great potential, ambition and promise could end up making such bad choices. Perhaps with better support and examples or role models, things could have been different”.

Best Selling Author and Public Speaker Alan Cohen gives Sharelynne permission, "with his blessings", to dedicate an entire chapter to the many "u-huh moments" she had while reading his best seller “The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.” “It is the perfect ending to my book”, Sharelynne says.

An excerpt taken from this chapter, on page 223 states, “Words may point the way to Truth, but actions demonstrate it. Live in accordance with the highest awareness of the Truth that you know. There is no greater purpose in life than this one.” For Sharelynne this means talk is cheap. She focuses on the premise of “Show me don’t tell me”. Live knowing you are not a gossip and have not made up stories. This type of behaviour is not rewarded. It only comes back at you, and not in a positive way.

Since leaving the pedophile in October of 2003, Sharelynne has worked very hard to undo the damage caused by the need she felt to make the many dysfunctional choices that previously plagued her life. She is proud to say she is new and improved and “walks her talk” with pride and honour.

“Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the entire book,” says Sharelynne Phillips

She would love to hear from you!! Please send your thoughts and feedback to her at: sharelynne@gmail.com

Or add your comment to her blog--on this site.

Characteristics of a Pedophile/Con Artist/Dysfunctional Partner from my experience        

Excerpts from her book:(First Page)

Characteristics of a Pedophile/Con Artist/Dysfunctional Partner from my experience:

• He would switch from pleasant to nasty at the snap of a finger.

• He had very traditional ideas and about how an intimate relationship should be.

• He always needed to be in control. He would ruin every outing, with his anger, his negative and insulting comments, or his tantrums, if something was not what he wanted. He had to have power. We were at his mercy waiting for him to start yelling for no reason. It was as if he always needed attention or needed to be the center of attention.

• His stories were always changing – compulsive liar.

• He would pay more attention to Sasha, buying her presents.

• His behaviour would change when I walked in the room.

• He had no real friends. He only had “friends” who could give him something, money, drugs, or merchandise. He was a professional borrower and shopper.

• He preferred to be alone or is a loner.

• He showed too much interest in wanting to take care of Sasha, to bathe her, dress her. I misunderstood his behaviour as wanting to help me take care of her but his unhealthy need or desire was the real reason for his interest.

• He liked to play dress up, dress Sasha in pretty dresses and do her hair; this is not normal behaviour for a grown man.

• He chose what I would wear and “help” me buy my clothes. Otherwise I would get a comment, “Are you going to wear that?”

Please note: I had help remembering some of the points from:

“Protecting Your Children from Sexual Predators, by Dr. Leigh M. Baker”

Lists from the shelter and the “YWCA” abuse recovery program in Calgary, Alberta.

Signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship        

Excerpts from her book: (First Page)

Signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship:

• I did not like the person I had become

• The children were acting different. Sasha's room used to be kept spotless, now it was difficult to find the floor. Mark was angry and he was always a gentle person. Unfortunately I did not make this connection until recently.

Please please please pay attention to changes in behaviour-yours as well!!!!!

• I had been physically, emotionally, psychologically and even sexually abused. Not ever ok!!

• I got sucked into his anger mode

• I was yelling when I am an easy going person.

I got caught up in the name calling games. He would continually call me names. Such as stupid, lazy, fat, ugly, and others I will not repeat.

• I had pure hate and detest I was feeling for another human being, primarily the abuser

• I was throwing glass objects to create a barrier when the abuser was coming towards me

• I was living on “egg shells” because you never knew the mood they will be in from moment to moment

• I was taking pills to keep myself “balanced”, was my doctor’s word

• I was being loud and aggressive towards the abuser and not understanding why, nor being in control of myself

Sponsorship Letter and Thank Yous        

Your Company
Phone Number

Hello my name is Sharelynne Phillips and the name of my company is Straight Talk about Life. I am an author and public speaker.

Based on what I have learned and healed from I now consider myself an expert in life lessons. I am new and improved because I have spent the last few years healing from an extremely dysfunctional relationship, and a past of poor choices in partners mainly and "a normally dysfunctional alcoholic" background.

I will be working with different community groups to give talks about Choices, sharing what I have learned in a series of talks. I recognize that some groups and organizations will not be able to access my knowledge because of lack of funding.

Therefore, I am approaching businesses who are interested and asking for sponsorship support. My goal is to raise sufficient funding so I can offer my talks without the agencies being concerned about my fee. My fee for most talks is $275.00 per session, which normally lasts at least one hour, followed by a very lively and honest question and answer session.

As my thank you for your generous support for this worthy cause I will, of course, be happy to include your company information in the advertising and promotion of the talks. I would also be available for a book signing should that be of interest, for you. I have outlined the various levels of sponsorship below.

Thank you in advance for your support of this very important educational community program. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sharelynne Phillips

Sponsorship Level/ Benefit to You

$500.00/ Logo profiled on website

$750.00/ Logo profiled on website & flyer

$1000.00/ All of the above plus recognition of Company’s support at talks

Over $1500.00/ All of the above plus recognition of Company’s support at talks and in marketing material.

Volkswagen Richmond Hill >> FIRST GENEROUS SPONSOR
10440 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C4
(905) 884-6661

Please Note: The Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue has limited Sharelynne's efforts in approaching companies for their support. But please feel free to contact us should you wish to part with any portion of your donation or gifting budget. :) Thank you!

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