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Alohamans Healing Centers



P.O.Box 517
Greenland, NH 03840
United States
T: 603 373 0616


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Rev. Siesel


It is the mission of the Alohamans Healing Centers to provide healing services for all humanity worldwide. The advancement of online conference technologies has provided the opportunity for us to reach people regardless of their location. The rising cost of medical care and prescriptions, especially for those on fixed incomes has become unmanageable. Through our healing services we expect to reduce the number of people who are dependent on other sources, by teaching the mechanics of healing.

Profile and Credentials        

Alohamans Healing Centers operates as a network of healers, channelers,life coaches and educators. Our providers are paid for their services at a 75% split. Clients are referred to providers according to specialty and availability.

Philosophy and Comments        

Alohamans Healing Centers is a universal organization open to all races, creeds, religions and philosophies. Our goal is to aid humanity in returnign to Oneness, ending separation. No one is turned away who is in need regardless of thier financial standing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Access to the state of the art iConference technology has allowed us to reach people all over the world. Superior audio, video, text and website capabilities offer us the perfect tools for our services, providing a personal environment where our clients have a true interactive experience. Services are also provide via telephone if required. Our room operates 24/7 by appointment. Healing services are $40.00, channel sessions are $25.00, life coaching is $50.00 per hour. There are many free services such as beginners mediations, special focus mediations.

As we expand, we will offer seminars on a variety of healing modalities so that as time passes our clients will learn to heal themselves, as well as share their gifts with the rest of the world. We are moving into a group consciousness and many are in desperate need of information to assist them in this transitional period.

Our Founder        

Our founder, Tony Watson, became aware of his desire to help people at any early age. "At age 14, I first saw Oral Roberts heal live under a tent. When I saw people getting out of wheel chairs and walking, I told The Creator "that is what I want to do with my life". This event began my
journey as a healer".

In 1968, returning from the Viet Nam War, I immersed myself in caring for my family. In 1982, challenges in my life caused me to call on The Creator for guidance. HE told me that I was beginning a new phase of my life and that HE would guide me. I received a message from guidance relating to a woman in Hawaii who was suicidal. The Creator guided me through a healing for her. The gratitude expressed by this woman and her realization of how she could change her life were overwhelming. The message of unconditional love from The Creator touched her heart and gave her the courage to recommit to life. My second experience was a young girl who was very ill but unable to be diagnosed. I again followed the direction I received and she was cured in 24 hours. This is when I realized that this was a real calling and that I could be a true instrument.

In the years that followed, I continued to grow and learn the art of healing and had many success ful and amazing experiences. In recent years I have focused on distance healing over the Internet as well as continuing my work on the Island of Molokai. Energy work covers a broad spectrum of areas. I have performed healing that range from the spiritual to the physical, both living and deceased. I have performed healing in hospitals, homes, churches and outdoor settings. It was on the island of Molokai that I was reunited with the ancient Kahuna energies. Since January of 2003, I focused my efforts on healings done over the Internet through iConference which expanded my vision of what could be accomplished with this technology. Please visit our testimonials page for specific accounts by those who have experienced my work.

In the years to come I intend to also open physical centers all over the world beginning here in Hawaii before the year 2005.




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