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Holistic Health Practitioner, High Priestess


Sisters In Freya's Moon ~ Womyns Path Of Healing ~ Is An Online School For Women Offering Training In Various Alternative Healing Arts And Priestess Training In The Traditions Of The Order Of The White Moon As Well As In The Traditions Of Sisters In Freya's Moon.

Profile and Credentials        

I am an ordained High Priestess in the Order of The White Moon, an international order of women dedicated to the Goddess and Her teachings. I have a doctorate degree in Naturology from the American Institute of Holistic Theology (AIHT) and diplomas and certificates such as Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Addiction Counselling, Behavioral Therapy and Iridology from various schools and institutions. I am also a Reiki Teacher and student of Celtic and Native American Shamanism and Women's Studies. I am a member of The Reflexology Association of British Columbia And The British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapists

Philosophy and Comments        

We believe that every religion and every spiritual path provides the seeker with divine guidance and we believe that we meet the Divine where we are in our journey. All religions and spiritual beliefs can give us an insight into the beauty and wonders of this world; the seen and the unseen. All paths bear the truth for the seeker and no path is above another. We also believe that as individuals we have the divine spark within and it is through this spark that we find our relationship with the divine as we understand it. This entails that every human being has the right and the privilege to find her or his own way of relating to the divine. In the tradition of Freya's Moon, we do understand and acknowledge the importance of balance. Why then do we not emphasize a Goddess as well a God in our teachings? We emphasize the Goddess and Her teachings because She has touched us and manifested Herself in our lives. We believe that She has made, and will continue to make, a difference in the lives of women who seek Her. The relationship to the feminine divine, the Goddess, Her manifestation within, can help women to become empowered again. And it is with the Goddess that balance and healing can be brought back into this world. Through the Sisterhood in the Goddess we ARE again. The purpose of our circle is to contribute to a restoration of Spiritual Balance. Right now, the world is clearly out of balance with an over-emphasis on male-dominated spirituality. There are many more places to learn about male expressions of the Divine than there are places to learn about female expressions of the Divine. As we honor the Feminine Divine, we honor the Divine in ourselves, as women.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

All Training Is Offered Via Distance Learning. Instructions are available in English and German. Sliding Fee Scale and Payment Plans Available.





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