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Carole Seaver, MA, NCC, D.CEP

Carole Seaver


555 West Earl Ct.
Toms River, NJ 08753
United States
T: 908-278-2729

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Holistic Spiritual Counseling and Energy Psychology for living authentically by aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with your soul's intent for optimal health/healing. Meridians and Chakras are seen as Maps of Consciousness and interpreted with a specific symptom and/or issue in the Field. This aids us in making the 'unconscious' conscious and allows clearing and healing of imbalances and disruptions that may be manifested physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Every emotion is seen as a signal that life is going well or that it's not! Every symptom is a message from the body and is understood as an attempt to regain or maintain balance and harmony in a certain area of one's life. The body is the subconcious mind and works for us to keep us on track or get us back on track for healthy, joyful living.

Profile and Credentials        

Holistic Spiritual Counselor

Integrated Energy Therapist (healing with the angels of the energy field)

Body Mirror System Chakra practitioner

National Certified Counselor

MA Education; certified Principal, Supervisor, Counselor

D.CEP, Diplomate of Comprehensive Energy Psychology from ACEP


Mindbody Counseling/Coaching using German New Medicine, Meridians, and Chakras

Certified Energy Coach

30+ years experience Counseling and Teaching

10 years experinece working as Energy Therapist

Philosophy and Comments        

We come here with a blueprint for our life which we have decided upon in the 'world between worlds'. That blueprint is our SOUL which sends messages to us through intuition, our body, signs, dreams, and the like so that we will stay on path with the blueprint we have selected for this existence.

When we heed those messages and listen to our SOUL, we are able to release pain, dis-ease, deperession,trauma, etc. Our SOUL is always prompting us to live Authentically for optimal health and healing and to learn the lessons we came to learn with the least amount of struggle and with the greatest grace and ease. We are here to embrace, express, and experience who we truly are and our SOUL, our Higher Self really, sees that we remain true to that!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Flexible schedule

$150 first session

$120 per hour; $75 per 1/2 hr. thereafter

email and phone support if needed

Fee considerations for those unemployed and/or on public assistance; call to discuss your situation





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