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Adam Gainsburg


PO Box 10517
Burke, VA 22009
United States
T: 323.761.6449

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Adam Gainsburg is a practicing sound healer, professional astrologer and the founder of an integrally-informed body of work known as Soulsign. He continues to travel throughout the US and UK teaching classes and offering personal sessions on a remarkable variety of Soul-focused skills. www.Soulsign.com

Profile and Credentials        

Adam Gainsburg is a way-shower of the Soul. The founder of SOULSIGN®, he provides his clients and students with extraordinary, cogent guidance for their Soul's evolutionary journey.

In addition, Adam is the author of The Soul's Desire for Wholeness, The Soul's Desire & the Evolution of Identity, Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart, as well as the upcoming Bridges of Union and Empowering Our Collective Journey (both 2008). He has also authored two CDs: the Breath of the Soul meditation and A Salon for the Soul lecture.

Adam is the creator of a line of evolutionary vibrational essences and enjoys playing didjeridoo, stone sculpting, yoga, devotional poetry and music.

He's guest lectured to Barbara Marx Hubbard's Gateway Course, appeared on XM-radio's 'Broadminded' and was featured in Men's Health and VEGAS magazines.

Philosophy and Comments        

Contained in the word-vibration SOULSIGN® is the notion of pointing to something (sign) which is of divine origin (soul). Joining the two into one word evokes the age-old tradition of alchemy, the secret tradition and practice of the west. Soulsign is thus the alchemized union of pointer and pointed-to, of seeking and sought-after, of means and end. It suggests the personal revealing the transpersonal and focused intent such as is required in any spiritual practice.

Soulsign was formed to provide an inter-disciplinary architecture for nothing short of remembering your destiny. It is exclusively focused on catalyzing your direct awakening of yourself as Soul. To do so requires understanding how you yourself are shaped as both Soul and Identity. It asks that you learn the language of evolutionary consciousness. It is for this reason in the Soulsign work there is importance placed on increasing your awareness and agility with your Deep Heart, the cogent intelligence of your Soul awakened within your Identity.

The Soulsign work takes shape as four lenses, each of which scopes evolutionary consciousness in unique ways. The four are Astrology, Sound, Crystal Intelligence and the Languages of Shape. Where Soulsign Astrology is the primary interpretive or diagnostic tool for tracking Soul purpose, the Soundwork, Crystalwork and Languages of Shape form a tremendously versatile and powerful system of healing, cellular alignment, and higher communication. Soon Soulsign will offer new tools for exploring the rich tapestry of a Soul-focused life: interactive software applications, communal ceremonies, and specific meditation and energy practices.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Personal Sessions with Adam Gainsburg can be done in person and over the telephone, scheduled at your convenience.

Personal Sessions Include:

* Astrology readings

* Specialized meditations

* Sound Healing

* Crystal Healing

Soulsign Astrology & Meditation products:

* Breath of The Soul Meditation CD

* Astrology Books

* Sacred Sexuality Reports

* Personal Comprehensive Relationship Reports

* Personalized Astrological Charts & Desktops

* Didjeridoo Journey Cd

* Astrology & Meditation Lecture Downloads & Cds

* Soul Alchemy Vibrational Essences

* Mars - Venus Attunements conference calls

Teaching Programs:

Astrology Programs:

* Soulsign Astrology Immersion Course

* The Soul of Astrology - An intro to Soulsign

* Chiron - The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart

* The Soul's Desire - The Evolution of Identity - Pluto & the Lunar Nodes

* Awakening to Our Collective Consciousness: The Mars & Venus Journeys

* The Two Modes of Identity - evolutionary modes of ego

* Signature Diving - expanding and deepening your interpretive skill

Breath Meditation Programs:

* Breath of The Soul Meditation Workshops

* Breath of the Soul Practitioner Training

* Sacred Marriage Alchemy Meditation

* Salon for the Soul Evening Lecture Series

Sound Programs:

* Sound & Breath - release into consciousness the life-affirming sounds of an open heart

* Didjeridoo Dreaming - become player and receiver of the healing tones of the didjeridoo·

Crystal Programs:

* Our Crystalline Selves: Opening to the Crystal Kingdom - an introduction to the crystal king- and queen-dom and a wonderful way to strengthen your intuition and body awareness.

* Astro-Crystal Healing - learn how to correlate an astrological birth chart to crystal healing.





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