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Andrea Siebert



P.O. Box 1264
Pacifica, CA 94044
United States
T: 650-219-6793


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Andrea Siebert


My work is soul healing, it results in bodily health and emotional balance. I read the condition of the client's soul and work with divine assistance to support health and insight. I use art and ritual to activate persons' abilities to channel and/or to converse with earth spirits. I map the cycles of soul development to show you the phases and abilities of your being as it evolves; this is very helpful in times of adjustment, decision making or depression. I also teach meditation, Reiki and my methods.

Profile and Credentials        

My work is somewhat shamanic and somewhat new age; I have studied at Naropa University and have taken a masters degree in spirituality there. Other studies include work at the University of Creation Spirituality and Release healing under the instruction of Voge and Hugh Smith. I have worked for over seven years with addictive problems, emotional imbalance, the process of dying and surviving illness.

Philosophy and Comments        

My point of view is that attending to your soul's desires is listening to the teachings of the universe about who you are. I am committed to the condignity ofevery spiritual exploration.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I work by appointment over the phone or in person. I am willing to travel and am also interested in presenting my work in homes of interested people to whom the benefit of the work or training comes free in exchange for the space. I work with groups or one on one, over the phone or in person and I do distance healing. My rates are $100 per hour with a sliding scale for cases of need. I discount work for Pacifica residents and for those damaged in the cause of ecological and social justice.





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