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Jeanne Nicholson



33006 West Seven Mile Road #267
Livonia,, MI 48152
United States
T: 248-478-8492


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Jeanne Nicholson


Spirit ConnecXtions creates and defines events, workshops, promotions, and methods for finding and celebrating all creation and all connecXions.

Our world is a tapestry of different traditions,Spirit ConnecXions refers to the indescribable bliss of feeling connected to Spirit, being at one with creation and creator.

Wecelebrate the connecXions and commonalities that exist between all things.

finding a common core:

The quieting of the mind,

the opening of the heart,

centering, listening

and responding to the deepest wisdom--

Profile and Credentials        

Jeanne Marie Nicholson develops dynamic workshops, events and adventures utilizing her training and studies in Prayer, Meditation, Energy Medicine, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other healing systems. She is a respected teacher, and draws upon her background in communication and training to facilitate experiential events that are entertaining, interesting and empowering. Her years of program management experience in the corporate world bring a high level of organization and effectiveness to everything she does.

Philosophy and Comments        

Workshops draw from spiritual traditions.

From ancient Tibetan Mandalas, Jewish/Christian traditional practices, Chinese medicinal elements, Native American and Shamanistic practices, Sound Healing, Energy and Vibrational Medicine, Prayer Matrixes, Movement, Dance, Labyrinths and Journaling. .

Visit the Spirit ConnecXions website for information on the Sacred Union Labryinth.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Promotions and Events        

Spirit ConneXions provides successful planning , coordination, and promotions for artists, teachers, events, organizations, and venues.

We Do It ALL!

From detailed "to do" list, press releases, advertising materials , marketing plans, to website design and development.

Visit the Spirit ConnecXions Web Site for More information and Examples.


Web Site Design -        

Spirit ConnecXIons presents Web COnnecXions.

Afordable Fast and Empowering.

We provide you with the tools and instructions to take over your own website maintainance...

Your website should not be a mystery !

Mme. Zelda's Chronicals        

Who is Madam Zelda?

Madam Zelda is everyone and no one, she is fictional and real. In the Mme. Zelda Chronicles her voice is the voice of many of the wonderful healers and teachers that I have been privileged to work with. ( check the links page )

And sometime her words simply appear on the paper as I am writing. I wish I could say they were my words. I am simply not that wise,

but I'm working on it !!

Transformation - Beyond Restrictions        

Check out our teleclasses on Legend Mining, gatherings for Labyrinth walks, Journeys and Pilgimages. Sign up for the Spirit ConnecXions newsletter, Sign the guest book --leave your web link!!

All at http://www.SpiritConnecXions.com

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