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Marie Harding



26 Synergia Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87508
United States
T: 505-471-2573
F: 505 474 5269


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Synergia Ranch


With two large workshop spaces and nineteen guest rooms, the rustically elegant Synergia Ranch is located 16 miles south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Built in "Santa Fe Style", with beautiful landscape and continually upgraded facilities, the ranch is set on 135 acres of high desert, dotted with junipers and pinons. Cradled by the Cerrillos Hills with views of four mountain ranges, Synergia Ranch offers a serene and stunning location for gatherings of all kinds.

Profile and Credentials        

Synergia Ranch is a private ranch managed as a "Center for Innovation" since 1969. Reasonably priced, Synergia Ranch hosts retreats, workshops, conferences, and special events.

Philosophy and Comments        

Synergia Ranch is an oasis in the desert; a veritable haven for artists and writers, musicians, dancers, and practitioners of any discipline. Reasonably priced and conveniently located, its charming setting and range of facilities makes it the perfect location for your next seminar or workshop, spiritual or business retreat, wedding, or artistic endeavor. With a 4 acre orchard suitable for camping and ample dormitory space, Synergia Ranch has accommodated over 150 people overnight and over 175 people during the day.
The nearby city of Santa Fe, with its attractive architecture offers world class art galleries, theater and opera, Indian markets, superb shopping, the finest restaurants, and great night life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The office is open from 9 - 5. Please call Marie Harding at 505 471 2573, for personalized quote.
See website: www.synergiaranch.com





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