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Tomas and Joan Heartfield, Ph.D.



PO Box 1044
Haiku, HI 96708
United States
T: 808 572-1250


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Heartfield Institute


Tomas and Joan Heartfield, Ph.D. have been described as the definitive relationship counselors. They also support singles with workshops and special events. Their healing center on the cliffs of Huelo near magical waterfalls suppport deep healing of the body, mind and spirit. They use Holotropic Breathwork, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, Hypnosis, Meditation, Yoga and Advanced Communication Techniques along with Tantra, or Sacred Sexuality to enhance intimacy, peace and joy for individuals and couples. Tomas is a Certifed Tantra Educator (C.T.E.). Tomas and Joan work with Caroline Muir to assist individuals and couples learn the transformative and healing power of this ancient spiritual practice. Tomas and Joan train facilitators for Conversations That Matter, a conscious singles experience directed toward friendship and intimacy. Tomas and Joan are known for their kindness, love and wise instincts to support all who come to them.

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