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Ariana Estelle-Symons



Harwood, TX 78632
United States
T: 830-540-4899




Harmonic Harvest - Ariana Estelle-Symons, Ph.D.


For over a decade, Harmonic Harvest, Inc. has provided our customers with the finest tea in the world! Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, PuErh Tea, Rooibos Tea, Honeybush Tea, Kombucha and Rhodiola Tea.
An amazing array of Tea Accessories! Teapots galore! Tea Infusers, Tea Strainers, and Tea Tins.
We offer a complete line of Excellent Coffees from the finest plantations in the world.
Harmonic Harvest has been a Kombucha Grower/Source for over 12 years, and offer complete Growing Kits that contain the world's finest Kombucha. We offer 4 different strains of Kombucha; Oriental (Grown with Oolong Tea), European (Grown with Green Tea), Tibetan (Grown with PuErh Tea), and South African (Grown with Rooibos Tea).

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Our goal is to offer the finest products at affordable prices!
We wish you Health, Happiness & Harmony in your life - and the lives of those you love!





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