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Kathryn Holt



PO Box 260
Cardiff-by-the-Sea (San, CA 92007
United States
T: 858.492.8506


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Feng Shui Resource


Our services include: Residential and commercial Feng Shui assessments,color analysis, ideal furniture placement, personal directions,and additional energy work as needed. (Testing for Geopathic stress, electromagnetic fields, metaphysical disturbances, etc.) Introductory and Intermediate classes and speaking engagments also available for groups or organizations.

Profile and Credentials        

Kathryn Holt is a consultant, speaker and instructor on the subject of Feng Shui. She has traveled worldwide to receive formal training from the leading Feng Shui experts and is proficient in various schools including traditional and contemporary disciplines. In addition to offering residential and commercial assessments, Kathryn sets herself apart from others in her field by also offering expertise in biolocation. This advanced and specialized energy work entails testing for negative magnetic fields (EMF/EMR), geological fault lines, pressure ridges, ley line activity, as well as metaphysical disturbances. Kathryn feels that this comprehensive knowledge will best ensure that her clients are living and working in the healthiest environments possible. Kathryn frequently works with and advises real estate agents, architects, developers, and interior designers on both large and small-scale projects, enabling her to combine her 8+ years of expertise in Feng Shui with her solid background in organizational management and design.

Philosophy and Comments        

I truly believe that Feng Shui has a tremendous amount to offer people. It's important to remember that our personal ch'i (energy)is affecting our environmental ch'i, and our environmental ch'i is affecting our personal ch'i... It's a reciprocal process that we need to stay mindful of. For me, Feng Shui is alot more than furniture placement and enhancements, it's really about maintaining a healthy, conscious lifestyle, and honoring the connection between all things. It is a way of life. My objective in working with clients and students, homes and offices, is simple, and that's to enlighten, inspire and empower individuals through their surroundings.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday ~ Friday + occasional weekends. Minimum of one hour consultations. Rates (For San Diego County): Residential $150/per hour, Commercial: $200/per hour. Out of area consultations $175 per hour (with a 90 minute minimum) Remote clearings and biolocation $75 per hour.





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