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The Graduate Institute

The Graduate Institute


171 Amity Rd.
Bethany, CT 06524
United States

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An accredited, non-profit school of graduate study, The Graduate Institute affords visionary learners an unrivaled education in emerging fields of inquiry. Our programs are offered under the academic direction of notable thinkers, practitioners, and educators who move their fields of academic study forward. They facilitate learning through dialogue, seminars, experiential exercises, online communication, and guidance of internships, mentorships, and culminating projects. Each program is structured to provide participants with a supportive learning community (cohort) in which 12-20 individuals study together, share knowledge, and engage in co-creative dialogue throughout the program. All participants are recognized as both teachers and learners, thus interacting as colleagues whose diverse perspectives enrich the learning experience.

Profile and Credentials        

The Graduate Institute is an educational organization founded in 1999. It initially operated under the auspices of The Learning Collaborative, Inc., but was established as an independent 501(c) (3) not-for-profit entity in 2002. The Institute is a licensed institution of higher education, which is authorized and accredited by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education to offer post-baccalaureate degrees and certificate programs. It specializes in programs that advance emerging fields of inquiry - realms of study that illuminate developing states of consciousness, and generate new points of academic and intellectual “knowing.” Its goal is to facilitate personal transformation as a basis for professional development among colleagues.

Philosophy and Comments        

Emerging fields of inquiry are unique areas of cultural interest that continuously evolve as new breakthroughs, conceptual frameworks, and worldviews are generated. Each Master of Arts degree program is grounded in a transdisciplinary approach to learning in an emerging field of inquiry. By creating opportunities for cutting edge thinkers and visionaries to pursue ideas, the Institute invites colleagues to become active participants in the development of emerging fields of inquiry and their concomitant impact on local and global cultures.

The Graduate Institute’s programs reflect an integrated curriculum design that embraces multiple academic disciplines and experiential learning events -- including mentorships, internships, and other direct field interactions. Each program creates a comprehensive and holistic learning experience that engages the mind, body, and spirit of individuals committed to self transformation and cultural evolution.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

M.A. in Experiential Health and Healing        

This two-year program addresses the concerns of thoughtful practitioners, educators, and care providers in every field of medicine and health. Program participants learn the latest, most progressive approaches to creating wellness; they are encouraged to develop an informed and insightful practice grounded in an understanding of diverse healing modalities. This program creates an opportunity for learners to discover a meaningful, integrative approach to achieving optimal health and wellness – one that is grounded in both personal transformation and professional strength.

M.A. in Holistic Thinking        

Holistic Thinking rises to the challenge of helping individuals build capacity, strength, insight, and wisdom as they aspire to experiences that lead from learning to the creation of meaning, and then to those understandings that stabilize culture. The program embraces teachers, business professionals, artists, healers, and all others dedicated to cultivating the fine art of learning as the core function of living. Participants in this program develop unique tools, engage with others in collaborative problem solving, expand their creative processes, and apply their learning to both their personal and professional environments. This program creates opportunities for individuals to transform their lives across multiple experiences, thus forever changing their relationship with the world around them.

M.A. in Conscious Evolution/Archetypal Cosmology Track        

The Conscious Evolution degree program enables the building of personal capacity, encourages strong decision making, and values the development of insight and commitment in those who seek a global learning experience that leads to a sustainable world. It embraces learners from teachers to business professionals, from artists to scientists, and from those involved in all service professions.

The Archetypal Cosmology Track constitutes a unique perspective in the Master of Arts in the Conscious Evolution program. A single overriding question informs the study: What are the implications of a conscious Universe for the evolution of human consciousness? Combining astronomy with modern depth psychology, archetypal cosmology investigates correlations between cyclical alignments of the planets and archetypal patterns in human experience.

M.A. in Oral Traditions        

This program addresses the interests of engaged thinkers in every field – e.g., coaches, preachers, teachers, sales folks, actors, writers, and even storytellers. Program participants are introduced to unique oral and aural (listening) techniques so as to integrate learning in the development of personal communication and effective interactions The program generates a comprehensive experience in oral traditions that encompasses both personal and cultural aspects of language, aesthetics, and storytelling as these influence the creation of meaning.

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