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Dr. Trisha Rossi


310 W. 72nd St.
New York, NY 10023
United States
T: (212) 580-3333
F: (212)877-0968

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THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE CENTER... Our name sums up our beliefs. We're a comprehensive Wellness Center that offers alternatives to conventional medicine. By working with Nature we approach wellness through various holistic modalities. Our treatments and therapies support this approach. They include: Colon Hydrotherapy, Detox programs, Acupuncture, Body work, Oriental Coneing, Ear Candling, Sinus Drainage, Weight Loss, Body Wraps, Nutritional Counseling, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage, Food allergies, Live Cell Analysis, Skin Disorders, Homeopathic Remedies and wide ranges of health products.

Profile and Credentials        

As Founder and Director of "The Natural Alternative Center" in Manhattan, Trisha is a Multidimensional Holistic Practitioner. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Trisha complements her practice with Licenses and certifications from Nutrition, Colon and Massage Therapy to Herbology. Dr. Rossi's memberships include: The American Preventive Medical Association, The American Association of Drugless Practitioners, The American Association For Health Freedom, and The Texas Naturopathic Medical Association. Trisha is the Fr. Northeast Regional Director of A.C.T.A. (American Colon Therapy Assoc.)as well as a Fr. member on the Board of Directors with I.A.C.T (International Association of Colon Therapists). Dr. Rossi is a well known Lecturer and talk show personality and has been featured in various publications and magazines such as: "The Westsider", "Time Out", "To Your Health", "N.Y. Magazine", and "Allure". She has been filmed on CBS and has been called upon, as an expert debater, in the Holistic field. Dr. Rossi has devoted her life to the health and well being of her patients. You are in caring loving hands when you come to The Natural Alternative Center.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Natural Alternative Center treats health conditions by utilizing the body's inherent ability to heal.

We aid the healing process by incorporating a variety of Alternative methods based on the patients needs. Diet, life style, work and a persons history are all considered when determining a treatment regimen.

The Health, Welfare, Education and comfort of all our clients is our primary concern.

We treat our clients as we would treat ourselves.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE CENTER is open 7 days a week for your convenience.

We are open as early as 8:30am and close as late as 10PM. These hours vary according to need and availability.

By appointment-

Lynn, our informed receptionist will cheerfully answer your questions and schedule your appointment for better health.

Call and book your appointment today.

Sterile and Serene        

Modern, Clean, Private Facilities.

Four Different Types of Colonic Equipment        

FDA Registered/Reconditioning and Restructuring of the Colon.


State of the Art Bathrooms        

Private Bathrooms for Each Individual Treatment Room.

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