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Ancestral Events and Brittany's Mountain Retreat

Theresa Sykes Brittany


Leicester, NC 28748
United States


We are grateful that you are here and grateful for your life.

Throughout this website you will find opportunities to connect with like-minded people on various paths of remembering. This is the space to find connection, sharing, retreats, intensives, rituals, ceremonies, circles, gatherings, introspection and opportunities to spend time with Elders of various indigenous traditions.

Through these encounters, may you remember the wisdom that lies deep within your bones, your purpose and gifts, and inner peace that you can then share with your family, friends, community and All Our Relations!

Brittany's Mountain Retreat is a sacred space that is available for you to rent for your circle, activity, family reunion, house concert, gathering, wedding, meeting, a private retreat or a space for friends to gather together or just for you & your loved ones to have a place to stay to relax. We can accommodate one to twenty people inside. There is a fire-pit, a Stone Circle, 5 acres to enjoy, 2 large deck areas as well as a large meeting room and plenty of rooms for sleeping.

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Dr. Malidoma Patrice Some' ~world renowned author and initiated Elder        

Before his birth, in 1956, the elders of Malidoma’s village knew that his purpose in coming into this world was to carry the message of indigenous technology and spirituality to the western world, a place where modernity was growing increasingly hungry for a reconnection to ancient wisdom.

Little did he know, as a young child, stolen from his family and village, that the years he would spend under the harsh tutelage of the religious order would prepare the way for the eventual challenge of integrating old and new, the sacred and the mundane.

For more than twenty years, Malidoma Somé has shared the Wisdom of his Ancestors and tribal Elders: the Dagara Cosmology, awakening a deep knowing in the hearts and bones of those who have recognized in his name, his books, his voice, the Spirit world inviting the renewal of a deep and abiding relationship with all beings on Earth.

Malidoma is the author of several books, including Ritual: Power, Healing and Community, Of Water and The Spirit, and The Healing Wisdom of Africa. He is currently working on two new books, one about the Ancestors (and our relationship with them), and another, a sequel to his highly esteemed autobiography, on the topic of Gatekeepers.

Dr. Somé holds three Master's degrees and two doctorates from the Sorbonne and Brandeis University. He is an initiated elder in his village in Dano, Burkina Faso, W. Africa. He travels throughout the world bringing a message of hope, healing and reconciliation through the powerful tools of ritual and community building.

For more information about Malidoma's offerring in the Asheville, NC area:

Evening Gatherings
Private Divinations
Intensive Healing Weekends
Indigenous African Spirit Technologies
Connection with the Ancestors

Contact info@AncestralEvents.com

Theresa Sykes Brittany        

Theresa holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist. She has over 28 years of experience providing spiritual retreats; women's circles; and individual, couples and group sessions. Theresa offers her personal and professional insights through meaningful connection, meditation, journeying, energy release/transmutation, toning, Blessing Ceremonys for life passages, intensive trainings, earth-based elemental rituals, private divinations, and the process of recovery.

She co-creates a safe space so that people can remember and bring forth the wisdom and medicine that resides, already, deep within their bones, and reconnect with their true nature.

She works closely with several indigenous elders and is an initiated elder in the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Theresa practices near Asheville, NC where she co-creates individual, couples, and group sessions; private and group retreats, ritual/ceremony; the sweatlodge ceremony and the vision quest ceremony.

For more information about
Meaningful Connections and Ceremonies:

~Individual, Couples & Group Sessions

~Women's Circles

~Womyn in Ceremony

~Private & Group Retreats

~Womyn's SweatLodge Ceremony

~Womyn's Vision Quest Ceremony

~Womyn's Remembering

~Cowry Shell Divination

~Elemental Rituals

Contact Theresa@AncestralEvents.com

Brittany's Mountain Retreat        

We offer a Peaceful Place for you, your family, friends, gatherings, workshops, retreats, house concerts,weddings & other special events~located 12 miles NW of downtown Asheville, North Carolina, USA

~To provide a beautiful, peaceful space where you can connect ever-deeper with yourself, your family, your friends, your group, your community and lovely planet Earth~


Brittany's Mountain Retreat offers:

~ a beautiful, peaceful space that is available for you to rent....ways that
this space may be used include: house concerts, private retreats, a retreat space for your group, event, training or workshop....a retreat space for a reunion, a weekend event, a family get-together, a wedding, a gathering of friends, or simply a space for you to stay for a relaxing and peaceful overnight,
a weekend or week-long get-away:

~a private home that sits on 5 acres of land amidst rolling hills and fields with
views of the surrounding mountains

~5 private bedrooms with double beds
~ a large "dorm room" where blow-up beds can be used

~4.5 bathrooms

~2 large deck areas

~Indoors: a full kitchen, living room, dining room, library,
a group-gathering space (can fit up to 50 people), screened in porch

~Outdoors: a fire-pit, spaces to walk, sit, meditate, camping space, a Stone Circle

~A note to very large groups: By using all rooms in a dormlike fashion, we have housed up to 23 people indoors. Additionally, there is plenty of space outdoors for camping.


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