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Theresa Wiles

Theresa Wiles


2713 Lafayette St., Soquel, CA.
Santa Cruz, Carmel, Ma, CA 95061
United States
T: 831-476-3050
F: 476-3050

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PSYCH-K® is the process of changing one's self-limiting subconscious beliefs into positive, life enhancing beliefs using whole-brain integration techniques. Through muscle testing, we are able to access the subconscious and see what negative tapes we are holding onto. We begin to understand how our view of the world is holding us back from realizing our dreams. Then, using the techniques of PSYCH-K®, we are able to override these beliefs with positive statements about how we want our lives to be. Changing our thought patterns changes our 'Field' and we begin to create the reality we envision for ourselves. We start to act more intuitively, we experience more serendipity in our lives. The Universe and our subconscious mind starts assisting us in creating the life we envision for ourselves.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been a PSYCH-K facilitator since 2006 . It's the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I witness miracles happening with my clients every day, in all areas of their lives. My clients really do change their behavior, because we work directly with the subconscious, which is 'running the show' most of the time!

This process is appropriate for all ages. Children and teenagers respond and change their behavior just as quickly as adults.

All areas of life can be addressed.

In general, these are:

Relationships of all descriptions,

Prosperity, money issues, career

Spirituality and intuition

Self Esteem and Personal Power issues

Grief and Loss

Health and body

Through PSYCH-K we 're-parent' ourselves with positive, life-affirming programming and beliefs about ourselves that we should have had all along.

Philosophy and Comments        

Through muscle testing, together we explore the beliefs that are being held in your subconscious. We start with the basics. Do you truly love and accept yourself unconditionally, on the subconscious level?

And we proceed from there. After only one session, my clients report having a sense of greater well being, of being more relaxed and comfortable in their own skin.

This process offers permanent change. Old set patterns of behavior begin to disappear. Clients no longer react out of fear or anger. Rather, they are able to maintain a whole-brain, emotionally balanced state towards life's challenges. Anxiety is a major issue in our society, with many on medications. PSYCH-K can take the anxiety out of the subconscious mind and calms it down, so a feeling of calmness and contentment and safety prevails. The world starts to look like a safe place again, bringing a feeling of ease and comfort and being able to cope with life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

A Quantum Psychology method which can override our childhood subconscious limiting beliefs with new, positive life affirming beliefs in a matter of minutes. All areas of life can be addressed, including: Self Esteem, Personal Power, Spirituality, Grief/Loss, Health/Body, Prosperity, Relationships

Phone and video internet consultations available worldwide.

Call or email to set up an appointment. Sessions originally get scheduled for 1 hour, but in my experience clients get so enthusiastic about this work they want to continue for longer.
Payment by credit card or Pay Pal.

Soul Retrieval        

Due to emotional and physical trauma and grief that we have experienced in our lives, we can lose "soul essence." In Indigenous cultures, Soul Loss is a very real condition, but is not recognized in Western cultures. Symptoms of soul loss include the feeling that we are not quite ourselves. If you find yourself saying "I've never been the same since..." then you probably have experienced soul loss. In a Soul Retrieval session, I journey shamanicaly with my Spirit Guides, to recover those soul essences. The agreement is that not only are these soul parts ready to come back, but they are coming back to help you. Clients report feeling much more like their old selves again. The joyfulness, spontaneity and playfulness they once had as children returns.

Emotion Code        

The Emotion Code™ is another method of Energy Psychology that releases trapped emotions, which are emotions that go unprocessed because they are too overwhelming, and get 'buried' or trapped in your body and psyche. Releasing these trapped emotions allows you to feel relieved, lighter, unburdened and pain-free. One of the most important aspects of the emotion code work is to address the Heart Wall. This is a wall we have created in our subconscious minds to protect us from heartbreak. Now is the time to release your heart wall, because it is your barrier to love and abundance.
Physical pain anywhere in the body can be greatly reduced or completely relieved when trapped emotions are released.

Body Code™        

The Body Code ™ healing system addresses the imbalances you may be harboring which are causing physical and/or emotional pain. Using muscle testing, we address the different areas of your body which may be harboring imbalances. We can determine the percentage at which your immune system is functioning, as well as what percentages are your brain and heart communicating with the rest of your body.
Are you harboring any pathogens, such as parasites, molds, bacterial or fungal infections? What glands and organs are not functioning at their optimal levels, and what is the root cause of this? Once the emotions and other imbalances are addressed, the organ or gland becomes balanced and is once again able to function at its optimal level.

Sciatica, Back Pain, acute and chronic        

The Emotional Resonance of Chronic and Acute Back Pain:

One of my specialties is addressing the emotional resonance of chronic back pain.

Chronic back pain is often referred to as a medical problem solely due to mechanics. People can have back pain for years and control it with pain medication and sometimes even go as far as exploratory back surgery.

I have found that something deeper is going on besides mere mechanics.

Muscle tension anywhere in your body reveals a disagreement between your conscious mind and your subconscious beliefs. There are trapped, unprocessed emotions that have been buried deep inside weakened areas of your body. Back pain signals that these deep emotions are lodged in the very area where you are experiencing the pain.

Another reason I have found causing back pain is a phenomenon called a saboteur. This is a pointed energy that has been directed to you by another person. This person is not consciously aware of what he or she is doing, but it shows up in your energy field and needs to be released.

The process of reprogramming your back can begin when your back muscles understand the language of the subconscious. The goal is to discover which self-limiting beliefs you are carrying that are inhibiting your recovery.

In my field I have had much success communicating to these elements that are creating the pain, using tools that speak to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind rules the autonomic nervous system. Therefore ,we can use muscle testing to ask the subconscious how it wants to begin in order to unravel your unique back pain puzzle, and we follow its lead. Consciousness will use all of the magnificent resources of the body-mind-spirit system to create the new reality of a back that you can love again, so that you may live the rest of your life in peace.

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