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Sibel Iren



1569 South 1100 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105
United States
T: 801-520-1470


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Certified Rolfing® Practitioner


Rolfing® Structural Integration is the leading form of manual manipulation therapy targeting the connective tissue or soft tissue restrictions in the structural system.

Joint related pain and dysfunction are often a result of connective tissue restrictions due to injury, repetitive motion and poor posture. Rolfing® effectively treats these conditions by addressing and integrating the entire structural system as it relates to itself resulting in ease of movement, increased flexibility and decreased experience of chronic pain.

Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D., developed this revolutionary technique in the 1940's after her research on the properties of connective tissue. She established a wonderful and effective protocol designed in a series of progressive treatments to aid the body in experiencing ease in its inherent vertcality and dynamic movement. Rolfing® is the leading form of Structural Integration currently in the world.

Profile and Credentials        

Sibel Iren trained at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado and was certified in 1995.

She is an avid skier, hiker and outdoor enthusiast and is highly skilled in treating injuries and physical strains resulting from sports and exercise. Sibel has additional training in Cranio-sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, repetitive stress injury recovery and has studied specific healing techniques addressing trauma related injuries due to auto accidents and other high velocity impact events.

She is also currently attending the 4 Winds Society studying Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine.

Sibel has a graduate degree from the University of Santa Monica in Spiritual Psychology. She has a Bachelors in Communications/Journalism from Westminster College of Salt Lake City and is a Certificated Flight Instructor and Commercial Pilot since 1987.

Philosophy and Comments        

My Philosophy about physical healing is that the body, mind and spirit are intimately connected. As we interact within the reorganizational process of healing the physical body through Rolfing® so do we address our mental, emotional and spiritual systems simultaneuosly. When one system is addressed and an internal awareness is experienced we notice that our perception of the world or frame of reference to our external environment is also affected. The more conscious awareness we bring into our lives the more functional we become in our human experience in total. It makes interacting with others easier, exercising and participating in sports more fun and relaxing a pleasure! Feel good for Life!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call for appointment times:

Fee: $135 per 90 minute session

Visa and MC accepted



M.A in Spiritual Psychology Univ. Of Santa Monica 2005
Member Rolf Institute® of Structural IntegrationMember NCBTMB National Certification Board for Thera putic Massage and BodyworkMember IASI International Association of Structural Integrators

Before and After pictures of a Rolfed Body        

The top set of pictures show an individual before receiving the series of 10 Rolfing® sessions. The bottom set of pictures shows a dramatic increase in overall vertical length and balance in his structure and ease in his body while standing.


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