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Anita Vestal



184 Verona Drive
Poinciana, FL 34759
United States
T: 863-206-8619


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Anita Vestal - PeaceBuilding & Conflict Resolution


Learn and practice peacebuilding with T’ai Chi Chih, Mediation, Appreciative Inquiry, Conflict Resolution and Forgiveness. Individual or group sessions are facilitated by Dr. Anita Vestal and an accredited team.

We offer:

  • Corporate or spiritual retreat settings
  • Mediation, face to face or distance
  • Personal coaching, personal change
  • Corporate change, Appreciative Inquiry & Conflict
  • Resolution training
  • Tái Chi Chih, Joy Through Movement

  • Profile and Credentials        

    Anita Vestal, Ph.D, MBA

    Anita Vestal is a flexible idealist in her many life roles: Mediator, Facilitator, Mentor, Researcher, Writer, Teacher and Trainer. Since 1990 she has had a practice in organizational development and mediation with family, workplace, community parties. She has also held positions in Head Start and adult education at various universities in Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania. In addition to teaching and mediating, she provides training, technical assistance and consulting for community organizations, government and educational programs.

    Anita served in the Peace Corps in Latin America for two years. She was the founding executive director of Child Care Consultants, Inc., in York, PA and was Program Administrator for a statewide migrant Head Start program in Florida. Her education includes a BS in Child and Family Development from Virginia Tech, MBA in Management from Texas Tech University and Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution from Nova Southeastern University.

    Her research focuses on conflict resolution with young children, mediation, appreciative inquiry, as well as models for systemic peacebuilding. She has published several articles on mediation in child custody, teaching preschoolers to solve their own conflicts, and transformative teacher training. She is a biographee in Who's Who in American Women and Who's Who in America.

    When she's not in class, mediation or on the tennis court, Dr. Anita Vestal can be reached at : (863) 206-8619

    Philosophy and Comments        

    Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


    Products and Services        

  • Corporate or spiritual retreat – day long, week long or weekend. We lead and facilitate activities to stimulate and soothe mind, body and spirit.

  • Mediation, face to face or distance - we meet in two hour blocks for two to four sessions. Distance mediation uses Meeting Space or other computer- assisted synchronous forum.

  • Personal coaching, personal change – can be face to face or distance using computer Meeting Space, video conferencing or telephone conferencing.

  • Corporate change, Appreciative Inquiry & Conflict Resolution training – designed for and with your associates to meet your organizational needs and interests.

  • Tái Chi Chih, Joy Through Movement – Taught over a weekend or in 8 classes of approximately one hour.

    Combine any of the following offerings:

  • Tái Chi Chih – Joy thru Movement practice

  • Appreciative Inquiry sessions (need at least two days)

  • Conflict Resolution Training or Facilitation

  • Personal Growth Coaching or Team Coaching

  • Mediation or Group Conferencing around conflict issues

  • Dialog sessions on Forgiveness

  • Meditation and Guided Imagery

  • Instructional materials available to facilitate the learning of Tái Chi Chih include photo textbook and DVD/Video instruction. See detailed description and order information in the Materials and Check-Out areas on our website.

  • What clients, students, and colleagues say about her…        

    "I have very much appreciated working with Anita. I have found her to be a sensitive and caring person in her relationships. Her skills of collaboration and insight into interpersonal dynamics make her a valuable team player. Her ideals are admirable and she clearly lives them in her daily life." - Beryl Brubaker, Ph.D. Provost, Eastern Mennonite University

    "Although Anita's ability to juggle a multi-level workload is apparent, the strongest attribute is her personable and peaceful presence. She is able to find creative measures to go beyond what is needed, and expand what is already in place." - Debra Hockenberry, MBA, Director, EMU at Lancaster

    "Her knowledge of the field of conflict resolution and management is impressive enough, but what is even more impressive is her unique ability to translate her ideas into projects that have genuine meaning to those in need of assistance." - Gregory W. Engle, Senior Foreign Service Officer U.S. Department of State

    "Thank you for your continued guidance, attention, assistance to me and all your students. You have impacted me and I shall never forget you." - Theresa V. Pendergrast, Nova Southeastern University

    "I recall Anita's ability to manage communication in a multi-cultural setting, in an organization that was experiencing great difficulty. She maintained respect for all staff members, helped them to move through their conflict, and to produce a document they could use for the next five years. The staff of that program grew in their understanding of one another, their commitment to the work, and this program now offers exemplary services to children and families." - JoAn Knight Herren

    Chief Training and Technical Assistance Branch Head Start Bureau

    "Anita is able to design multi-faceted projects and work with a variety of players including staff, administrators, parents and community agency representatives. She is accessible, willing to collaborate and make revisions, can be readily contacted at all times." - Carmen Nicholas, Ph.D. Director, Division of Head Start & Children's Services Palm Beach County, FL

    "Anita's extensive and diverse background as a consultant with non-profit, governmental and educational sectors has given her the experience and insight necessary to be successful. She quickly became known as a highly skilled and knowledgeable specialist." - Cathy Gutierrez-Gomez, Ed.D, University of New Mexico

    More comments from adult students in leadership, conflict management and organizational development courses:

    "A very committed and dedicated professor"

    "A wonderful and knowledgeable professor."

    "Anita provides excellent stories and related material. She communicates in a way that makes it easy to understand."

    "Anita has us participate with life experience. Class involvement is essential and key to understanding the material."

    "Dr. Vestal has a great personality and allows others thoughts to come through without pushing her thoughts."

    "Anita stressed relating the material to our companies/organizations. This helped us to integrate the knowledge."

    "Adaptable, sensitive to different needs and learning styles."

    "Anita created an atmosphere for open, honest discussion."

    "Easy to approach. Extremely personable."

    "Anita's personal experience really helps tie concepts into more understandable context."

    "Adaptable, sensitive to different needs and learning styles."

    "Dr. Vestal works well with us. She is always available and helpful when needed."

    "Dr. Vestal offers real life applications in helping to understand the principles. Her communication skills are excellent and she has a true concern for each of her students to achieve success."


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