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Mark Russell



Auckland, 1007
New Zealand
T: +64 21 456 891


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Mark Russell


Avatar is a gentle, non-confrontational way to change whatever you wish to change. Avatar enables you to discover and use your creative powers to live life deliberately. Avatar is based on the simple idea that your beliefs cause you to create and attract your experiences. Your beliefs determine your thoughts, emotions, reactions, and physical well-being. Avatar is not a treatment or therapy, but a workshop that teaches an easy way to change your beliefs, and thus to change your life. Having fun is an integral part of the course, so we keep the course ‘light’ – there is no right or wrong, should or shouldn’t, no tests, no pass or fail. You'll probably laugh louder than you have for some time !

Profile and Credentials        

Licensed Avatar® Master since 1994.

Philosophy and Comments        

I am continuously inspired by the dedication of the Avatar Master team to their students and to each others success. I chose to play as part this game and deliver Avatar to share my own inspiration and to inspire others. "It doesn't have to be that hard". What a blessing to have that experience available in life, one I'm happy to share with you. Come and play the game of living deliberately !

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