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Walter Smith



P.O. Box 480673
Delray Beach, FL 33448-0673
United States
T: 561-832-4326


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Wambli Nunpa (Two Eagles)


Wamblinunpa (Two Eagles) uses the gifts provided by Mother Earth to create a variety of Native American related objects, including drums, rattles, medicine bags, shoulder bags, medicine staffs, dance sticks, talking sticks, pouches, dream catchers, smudge pots, prayer feathers, and more.

Profile and Credentials        

Many Native Americans and their art have influenced Wambli Nunpa's work throughout his life. He still continues to search out opportunities to meet and learn more on his sacred path. His creations reflect his knowledge of native traditions, as well as his own personal connection to Great Spirit - the creator of all things, who has always been and will be.

Philosophy and Comments        

I find joy in creating what I am feeling and seeing. To me it is a healing process. The melody of nature has always been the music to my ear and soul, it helps me maintain and stay whole. My creations, art, writing and love of nature let me weave all the aspects of guidance from mentors, teachers, friends, spirit and nature. Thus creating the fabric of who I am. It is a true metamorphosis of what I am evolving into. Someone that has a love for life and what it offers.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please visit my website http://www.wamblinunpa.com





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