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Julie Brill



5 Warren Ave
Bedford, MA 01730
United States


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Julie Brill, CCCE


Become a certified childbirth educator with The Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association. Attend an intensive weekend workshop in Massachusetts. Childbirth educators have the opportunity to reach families when they are open to new ideas and to help them achieve positive birth experiences. CAPPA offers the highest level of evidence-based training available and is the fastest growing childbirth education and doula organization in the world. Accelerated program with related experience.

Profile and Credentials        

Julie Brill, CCCE, has been teaching childbirth classes for twelve years. She graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Sociology and Women's Studies and completed the Massachusetts Midwifery Alliance Apprenticeship Course. A certified childbirth educator with CAPPA and ALACE, Julie has also attended births as a midwifery apprentice and labor doula. Her perinatal articles have appeared in Midwifery Today, ePregnancy, Parenting from the Heart, Special Delivery Magazine, and the CAPPA Quarterly. Julie loves working with birthing families. In her classes, she strives to provide accurate information and tools so that each birthing woman can choose the birth that is best for her. Julie believes that birth is a normal, natural event with the potential to be extremely empowering. Julie is thrilled to be the CAPPA Assistant Director of Childbirth Education Programs and the CAPPA teacher trainer for Massachusetts. She is the homeschooling mom of two daughters, ages eight and five.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Current workshop schedule iand other requirements for certification are available at www.wellpregnancy.com. Workshops run two weekend days. Workshop tuition is $350, complete cost for certifying with CAPPA is $495





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