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Ann Davis



21 Thomson Ave.
Glens Falls, NY 12801
United States
T: (518) 798-4501


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The Yoga Nook


Yoga for the Special Child tm Classes for adults Chair yoga Classes for children and teens Prenatal yoga Family Night once a month Private instruction is also available for adults and children.

Profile and Credentials        

Ann Davis is a certified yoga teacher with additional certification in the Yoga for the Special Child program. She has over 25 years teaching experience with children and adults, including those with special needs and conditions. Ann holds a Masters Degree in Education.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Yoga Nook seeks to promote yoga for adults and children of all abilities. All classes are taught with individual emphasis on safe and successful participation, regardless of ability or disability.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Classes run in 7 week sessions. Most classes are held late afternoon and early evening. Yoga for the Special Child is ongoing and meets as individual sessions of 30- 45 minutes once or twice a week.





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