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Jennifer Quinn



Philadelphia, PA 19143
United States
T: 215-726-9223




Holistic Moms Network Philadelphia


The Holistic Moms Network was created as a support resource for natural health-minded moms. Our purpose is to encourage moms in their efforts to parent naturally and raise their children holistically; to help holistic moms find others with whom they can connect; and to educate ourselves and our families about alternative health, mindful parenting and natural healing. This site is for the Philadelphia Area Chapter only! Please visit www.holisticmoms.org to find a chapter in your area.

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Did you have a natural childbirth? Why stop there? Raising your child naturally is the best way to safeguard our future. Do you have an alternative parenting style? Are you breast-feeding, co-sleeping and otherwise attachment parenting? Is your family divided over your desire to raise your children vegetarian or vegan? Meet with like-minded moms and dads to discuss these and many other parenting issues. We are dedicated to the development of local communities for moms to nurture themselves as both individuals and as parents. We welcome all interested parties, whether or not they consider themselves “holistic”. Some of our members engage in many alternative and natural health practices, while others are content to explore these issues through our guest speakers or from our group discussions. Our mission is to help all moms find a happy, healthy forum for their mothering styles and to bring them together in a community that respects and honors one another’s lifestyle and parenting choices.

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We are a non-profit community-based organization. One year membership is $35.00 (tax deductible).





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