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Yoga for the Young at Heart

Susan Winter Ward


Tarzana, CA 91367
United States
T: 800-558-YOGA
F: 346-5783


Yoga for the Young at Heart (TM) offers an inspiring collection of accessible yoga programs for seniors, Baby Boomers and beginners of all ages and physical condition. Our Basic Series 1, 2 & 3 all feature gentle exercises selected for beginners to learn yoga easily, then progress at their own pace.

Our Sitting Fit Anytime (TM) is great for those who spend too much time in front of their computers, traveling, are physically challenged or who may be more comfortable doing their exercises from a seated position.

All programs are available in DVD or VHS formats, at $19.95 retail. Our award winning book, Yoga for the Young at Heart ($14.95) is recommended by Dr. Bernie Siegel and many other preeminent health care professionals in both conventional and wholistic medicine.

Profile and Credentials        

Susan Winter Ward is an internationally recognized yoga instructor, author, video producer and creator of Yoga for the Young at Heart (TM). Susan appears regularly on both radio and television programs, and has been featured in Yoga Journal and other national publications.

She has studied extensively with Ganga White and Tracey Rich at White Lotus Foundation, and is certified in Anusara yoga with John Friend.

A former county planner and real estate developer, Susan came to yoga to find relief from chronic back pain and stayed on to become a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher. Her commitment is to present yoga as a transformational tool that can guide people into recognizing their own inner wisdom, power, and beauty. Susan has created the Yoga for the Young at Heart Collection as her expression of that commitment. Based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, she teaches regularly at major wholistic conferences and retreats worldwide.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Yoga for the Young at Heart (TM) collection is designed especially to make yoga accessible to everybody regardless of age or physical condition. Gentle and effective classes are presented by certified instructor Susan Winter Ward.

Susan's philosophy is to present yoga as a transformational tool that can guide people into recognizing their own inner wisdom, power, and beauty.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

VIDEO REVIEW: Accessible Yoga for Every Body (Basic Series 2)        

What is it?
An hour-long gentle Anusara style Yoga class from Susan Winter Ward.

Who is it for?
While this routine is geared towards more fit boomers and seniors, it's good for anyone who's new to Yoga, or who wants a session that's not too taxing but still offers benefits.

What to expect:
Susan Winter Ward fashions herself as an instructor to older folks (and her salt-and-pepper hair belies her own age), but her style of Yoga is really good for anyone who's new, or who is trying to get back into shape. This hour-long session flows in the style of Anusara Yoga, so there are a lot of "heart-opening" (read gentle-backbending) poses. But just because this is a beginning-level Yoga class, that doesn't mean it is always easy - Ward encourages you to find an edge and deepen the postures accordingly. The focus is on gaining flexibility and strength, and having relaxation emerge from that. Those who are forty-something and beyond will appreciate Ward's choice of students for this workout - they are all her contemporaries, and they are real people, not accomplished Yogis or models. Everyone will like Susan's warm persona, which is low key and gently encouraging. This is Yoga without a lot of flash and high gloss - it's a basic class that's down-to-earth and simply presented. And when it comes to Yoga, that's all you really need.

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VIDEO REVIEW: Yoga for the Young at Heart (Basic Series 1)        

This long-established yoga title, from the company that launched the total mind-body wellness video trend several years back, is a senior-specific program that is conducted by nationally-recognized instructor and target-market peer Susan Winter Ward. A gentler, easier program than most yoga tapes that have been charging into the market of late, "Yoga for the Young at Heart" features more than 30 classical poses and breathing techniques, as well as a segment on deep relaxation. Exercises can be adapted to each participant's fitness level and pace, and are demonstrated by Ward and four seniors who work out in a serene and inspirational setting. healing Arts remains focused on improving the quality of life of its patrons, and with this video it has hit another bull's-eye.

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Video Review: Sitting Fit Anytime        

Marylin Bennett

I recently received your tape "Sitting Fit Anytime" and am really enjoying it. I have Multiple Sclerosis, asthma, and am a senior citizen. (Nobody ever promised me a rose garden). I was turned on to yoga by a group run by the New York Multiple Sclerosis Society for its members and it features seated yoga. I found I was feeling stronger after these sessions, although some in the group needed a little recovery time. When some of the exercises are too difficult for me I do whatever I can and I find that I am improving slowly. When one has physical limitations you do as much as you can and you still get some benefits. ....I spoke to the head nurse at the MS Center where I am treated and she thinks that some of the patients may profit from your program and I will pass it on.

Evelyn Malcolm , Santa

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Video Review: Embracing Menopause        

Suza Francina, author of "The New Yoga for People Over 50"

I thoroughly enjoyed your Embracing Menopause video. It is a visual delight --you look serene and beautiful! I especially appreciated your opening and closing comments. After watching numerous videos over the years, I've decided that no video is perfect -- each serves a limited purpose. I see videos more as tools to use to motivate students to practice at home or perhaps inspire them to go to class rater then actually teaching how to practice the poses! You do an excellent job teaching by example and your video is a real treat to practice with for a menopausal woman like myself.

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