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Yoga Health Solutions

Yogi Ranjit


1212 Mann Drive, Suite 100
Matthews, NC 28105
United States

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Our mission is to provide personalized tools that help you balance traditional healthcare with a holistic approach to healing. We utilize the principles of Raja yoga and Ayurveda, a life sciences that has been practiced for over 3500 years.

Through meditation and breathing techniques, we focus on the whole of the individual.

Call us now for a free 30 minute Consultation: 704-277-6049

Profile and Credentials        

Yogi Ranjit Deora is the founder of Yoga Health Solutions. For many years he has been teaching corporate wellness programs and yoga therapy in major cities such as New York and Charlotte.

During workshops geared to busy professionals and businesses large and small, Yogi Ranjit recommends using Yoga therapy to manage stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, anger, hypertension, back pain, and relationship issues.

Ranjit teaches meditation as a way of life, not just a practice. He is a teacher who brings the timeless wisdom of the East to bear upon the urgent questions facing men and women today. He speaks of the search for harmony, wholeness and love that lies at the core of all spiritual traditions.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our programs are not template-based. They are designed specifically for our clients' needs. We will help you develop effective and lifelong ways to manage stress, depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, arthritis, hypertension, back pain and sleep disorders.

Our services are not limited to individuals. We also consult and build programs for the corporate environment, for the education system, and for our community.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call us now for a free 30 minute Consultation: 704-277-6049

For more information about our workshops, programs and services See our Website

Meditation: For the active moms and active mind        

Meditation secret of mind as introduced by yogi Ranjit is a mantra-based practice that systematically allows the experience of quieter, more peaceful levels of the mind.

A mantra is a specific sound which used silently, serves as a vehicle to connect with aspects of consciousness.

Each week Yogi Ranjit will help you explore the layers of your inner self teaching you to go beyond the conditioned limits that restrict your life.

Imagine how you would feel if you had it all

• Easily relax anywhere anytime
• Sleep better no matter what’s going on in your life.
• Improve you ability to solve problems
• Improve your ability to concentrate
Meditation is not about forcing our mind to be quiet; rather it’s a process to rediscover the quietness that is ever present. Behind the screen of our internal dialogue is the silence of pure awareness – a silence that is not disturbed by thoughts of the past or concerns of the future.

Learn and practice:
• Meditation poses that specifically prepare and support the body
• The best postures of meditation
• 3 different types of meditation:
• Silent breath and mantra meditation
• Love & kindness meditation
• Guided meditation

Duration: Four weeks
When: Every Thursday 6:30pm to 8pm
Where: Matthews
Cost: $160 per person
Private: $300 per person
Advance registration is required

Stress Management: Yoga – Ancient cure for modern stress        

If you are experiencing physical, relationship or career-related stress or distress, the stress management program is for you. This four week wellness program will teach you how to bring balance into your daily routine, healing into your physical body and relief to your emotional turbulence.

Yogi Ranjit has designed the stress management plan to calm your mind, soothe your body and renew your spirit – while immersing you in a practical, nourishing mode that will allow you to return to your most healthy self.

Leave your everyday stress at the door and rediscover peace, perfection health and happiness, all in a nurturing, compassionate and judgment free environment.

The stress management program includes;

• Instructions in breathing exercise and meditation
• Weekly breathing and meditation sessions
• Light stretching yoga
• Proper diet and nutritional guidance
• Ayurvedic Dosha (constitutional) consultation
Benefits of less stress:
• Increased health and vitality
• Better mood
• More energy
• Improved sleep patterns
• More fulfilling relationships

Duration: Four weeks
When: Every Tuesday 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Where: Matthews
Cost: $160 per person
Private: $300 per person
Advance registration is required

Yoga Therapy: For healing the heart        

When the mind is silent and peaceful it becomes very powerful. It can become a receptor of bliss and wisdom enabling life to become a spontaneous flow and expression of joy and harmony, empowering you to optimum health.

At some point in our lives we experience loss and pain in our heart that accompanies it. Whether it is the loss of a dear one, loss of love, loss of relationship, loss of innocence or loss if joy in our lives, the pain can spiral us down into a world of despair. Yoga therapy is a six weeks interactive experience designed by Yogi Ranjit to help you heal and move beyond that pain and reclaim your wholeness.

Interpreting the ancient wisdom of meditation, breathing techniques, and Karma (action) principles, Yogi Ranjit and team, teaches you how to expand your capacity to love and be loved, to reach into the past and forgive and to step into the present whole and healed.

In this unique three stage healing process you will evolve your emotional state to identify and release the very pain with which you struggle and most importantly fill the void with love strength and empowerment.

With the support of our staff and Yogi Ranjit, you will achieve the emotional freedom you seek. Join us for this unique opportunity to explore your emotional constraints, forgive, yourself and others and finally free your heart from its pain and love again.

Participants commonly report;

• Greater ease and joy in personal relationships
• Increased fulfillment at work
• Deeper sense of community and belonging to society
• Enriched spiritual life.

Duration: Four weeks
When: Every Monday 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Where: Matthews
Cost: $240 per person
Private: $400 per person
Advance registration is required

Ayurveda - the science of life        

Ayurveda, the science of life, is a medical system practiced in India. The Buddhist monks introduced Ayurveda to China, Tibet, Korea, Mongolia and Sri Lanka, leaving a lasting legacy in their medical systems.


Yoga is not limited to physical postures and fitness routines. Ayurveda involves the curing of physical disorders with herbal remedies. Both systems run into deeper spiritual levels, and if practiced properly, can lead to a state of complete balance at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Those practicing Yoga need to follow specific Ayurvedic diet programs and regimens according to their respective needs. Similarly, those on an appropriate diet and regimen need to practice yoga regularly to remain healthy.

Ayurveda is Safe

Ayurveda medicine and other therapies are very beneficial for patients suffering from chronic diseases. Ayurvedic preparations are safe as long as they are prescribed by a professional practitioner.

Rejuvenation and Detoxification: (Panchakarma)

Panchakarma is a unique experience that leaves the mind and body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Many illnesses result from the build-up of toxins in the body that can impair the functioning of its natural defenses, such as the lymph, circulatory, and immune systems. Panchakarma promotes healing and restoration by eliminating these toxins from the body. However, unlike other detoxification programs, panchakarma is a gentle process that achieves deep cleansing without discomfort, allowing the rejuvenating energies of the body to flow freely.


A mixture of cooling and balancing herbal oils and medicated ghee is trickled over the forehead in a continuous warm stream in a quiet, soothing atmosphere. This is a special Ayurvedic treatment that gives total relaxation to mind and body, and is the best way to pamper yourself after a hard stressful day.

For therapeutic purposes, Shirodhara treatment is used to heal chronic neuro-muscular disorders and problems like hypertension, insomnia, depression, anxiety, headaches, restlessness, among others. This treatment has a powerful effect on the mental and emotional well being of the individual.


Cost: $150 per 60 minutes
This Ayurvedic, gentle massage with medication is applied for 60 minutes per day for a period of 7 days. It helps neurological diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, emaciation of limbs, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and certain kinds of skin diseases.

Advance Registration is Required

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