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Zenspiration Gardens


Zenspiration Gardens™ are unlike any floral product you will find on the market. Your garden is prepared in a beautifully crafted keepsake box filled with plants, flowers, candles and spiritual icons. Floral artist & company owner, Merry Street, then uses the theories and wisdom provided by Dr. Masaru Emoto, Cleve Backster, The Mother, Jeffrey Meiliken, The Holy Bible and Feng Shui, as part of her spiritual guidance as she prepares and blesses each garden.

Each aspect of your Zenspiration Garden™ is handpicked to match your recipient's unique spirit and no two are alike. Each personalized garden is a floral microcosm designed to foster an atmosphere of serenity and peace. Giving a Zenspiration Garden™ is the perfect way to fully express love, friendship, hope, congratulations, or any other heart-felt message of inspiration. When used as a meditation tool, Zenspiration Gardens™ are a contemplative retreat for mind, body and soul.

Profile and Credentials        

Zenspiration Gardens™ is the brainchild of Merry Street, a dynamic entrepreneur with a vision and a calling. To fully understand how this unique floral product came to be, you have to hear the story from the very beginning.

Merry had been carrying this idea around in her heart for about three years before she could truly commit to this calling. And, for Merry, it really is a calling, but we'll get to that later. A few years back, within a three-month period Merry lost her mother, her brother-in-law, and her beloved dog. Right after that, she became very ill and had to have two back-to-back surgeries. Undaunted, Merry put her trust in God to get her through the worst of it. She promised Him that if she came out of this health crisis, she'd do whatever He asked of her.

Merry believes that her illness was a gift. It made her stop and take notice of the important things in life - health, family, faith, and love. Although the calling to create her gardens came long before her health crisis, she wasn't ready to accept it at that point in her life. It wasn't until after her illness that she was able to achieve clarity and understand that she was chosen for this spiritual journey.

Just as she'd promised, Merry let God guide her to this work. She feels she's co-creating her products with the Divine Source. Merry explains it best:

"I accepted this calling and intend to make it my life's work. It has become my joy and passion. It's hard to describe how I feel when I'm making these gardens. I'm in a euphoric state of mind. Some people might consider me to be a spiritual florist and that's fine with me. It's important that people understand that this gift of flowers is not limited to any one religion or spiritual belief. Anyone can derive pleasure from a Zenspiration Garden™. It's about spreading joy, love and hope to those who need it."

Philosophy and Comments        

For us, this business is not about mass-producing hundreds of gardens each day, but about remembering who we are and why we give flowers or any gift for that matter. It's about taking time out of our hectic day to think of a loved one who would enjoy a special gift, and then taking the extra time to personalize that gift.

Zenspiration Gardens™ are personalized floral messengers designed to help you spiritually connect with others and celebrate life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Zenspiration Gardens™.

Order a Beautiful Garden Today...

Each garden includes a keepsake booklet that includes your personalized message, a description of each keepsake item and the wisdom and theories used to create each garden. Each garden is gift wrapped at no extra charge.

See this page for complete ordering information

Zenspiration Gardens™ prides itself on treating each customer with care and consideration regardless of race, creed, religion or orientation and we truly look forward to making the time you spend with us enjoyable. We work very hard to establish and maintain close relationships with all of our clients and we take exceptional care to treat you like family. We are not about making hundreds of the same floral designs each day: every individual is unique, therefore, every garden is a reflection of that philosophy. We thank you for placing your trust in us to deliver your special gift to your loved ones and/or clients. We are humbled and blessed to be doing what we love and for that we thank you for your kindness and the opportunity to serve you.

"We" by the way is "Me," company and spiritual florist, Merry Street. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

Namaste and abundant blessings. As always with love and light, Merry

Merry Street
Email me
Phone: 619.972.1076
Lomacitas Lane
Bonita, CA 91902

Gardens and Holiday Gardens        

Each garden is unique. You can choose different boxes and keepsakes for your special message.

These are some of the gardens available:

Read more about these Gardens at zen-opolis.com

  • Zenspiration's "Hope & Healing"Garden™
  • Zenspiration's "Angel" Gardens™
  • Zenspiration's "Namaste" Garden™ (pictured)
  • Zenspiration's "Chakra" Garden™
  • Zenspiration's "Blessings"Garden™
  • Zenspiration's "Prosperity" Garden™
  • Zenspiration's "Passages" Garden™
  • Zenspiration's "Relationship" Garden™

    Holiday Gardens

    These gorgeous boxes are handmade using an ancient Chinese art form known as Coramendal. Each box is created by placing moist clay over a plain, wooden box and then hand carving the design into the clay. The design is then painted with oil-based paint, covered with approximately 7 layers of lacquer and then lined with felt-like material.

    Each keepsake box was chosen for its beauty, symbolic merit and for its ability to be displayed throughout the year. Each holiday gift garden contains fresh, seasonal flowers and depending upon the holiday celebrated, either a 5" glass dreidel, a 5" stained-glass mezuzah or 2 glass Christmas ornaments. Each garden is accompanied by a keepsake booklet that includes your personalized holiday message and information regarding the theories and wisdom used to create each garden.

    Read more about Holiday Gardens

  • Zenspiration Gardens™ "Le Jardin d'Amour" for St. Valentine's Day
  • Peaceful Dove
  • Torah Box
  • Tiffany-style Box
  • Vincent's Cafe
  • Roses
  • The Menorah

  • Boxes        

    These are some of the boxes available:
    Read more about each of these Boxes at the Zenspiration Gardens™ website

  • Chinese leather pillow box with Phoenix/Dragon Box motif (pictured)
  • It's a Girl or Boy! Keepsake Box
  • Pink or Blue Linen "It's a Girl!" or "It's a Boy" Keepsake Storage Box.
  • Chinese leather pillow box with Maidens and deer motif
  • Silk Dragon Jewelry box in Lavender
  • Round silk tassel box
  • Chinese Wood Hat Box
  • Chinese Dowry Box
  • Japanese Crane Box

  • Keepsakes        

    These are some of the Keepsakes available:
    Read more about each of these Keepsakes at the Zenspiration Gardens™ website

    Small Treasures

  • Auspicious Chinese Coins
  • Inspirational Pocket Stones
  • Unexpected Miracles Jade Charm
  • Double Happiness Jade Charm
  • Aventurine Bracelet
  • Rose Quartz Bracelet
  • Unexpected Miracles Agate Bracelet
  • Carnelian Bracelet
  • Prosperity Hens
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Rosary
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Ganesh

    ... and many more .... See the website!

  • Testimonials        

    In their own words, here's what clients are saying about Zenspiration Gardens™ ...

    "This is a neat idea! This is a very beautiful and thoughtful gift and I liked the idea of keeping the momentos and sacred items in a box. Originally, I thought the price was too high, but the customer service was above and beyond what I expected and it made the purchase worth every penny! My husband loved his gift and he misses his garden. He was sad when the flowers died." - Roxie in CA

    "My Zen box was one of the most beautiful, unique and meaning gifts I have every received. It has dried beautifully and gives me peace every time I look at it. I can't think of a more awesome gift to give or receive." - LS in CA

    "When I came back to my office I found the most beautiful garden sitting on my desk. Having kept books for 3 floral shops, I have been exposed to a lot of different floral designs and this garden was like something I had not ever seen. As I began to read the booklet and started to understand the meaning and the depth of the garden, it became clear that it was truly a labor of love. The garden made me feel loved and cared for during a time of dealing with a serious health issue. I could smell the garden and it was comforting and its beauty fed my soul. Having been in the health-care field for sixteen years I have seen many people deal with serious health issues including death. I know first hand that health and wellness is balance of the physical, spiritual and emotional parts of ourselves. My garden gave me added strength and I was able to understand my next steps in my healing path." - J.R. in CA

    "My mouth dropped to the floor when I opened my gift garden--it was that beautiful. My garden was received perfectly and was extremely fresh. It was sent with expediency, great packaging and each article was blessed and sent with love. I have sent over 30 emails to my business partners and talk about these gardens frequently when given the opportunity. I have sent frequent e-mails to Merry because I feel so blessed to know her. She is such a loving and dear person and all of her work and personality reflects just that. I am so appreciative of not just her beautiful work but of her beautiful spirit. She is able to send her items out with much love and blessings." - Sharon C. in Lexington, NC

    "At first I thought the prices were a little high but I don't remember ever getting such personalization with anything I have ever ordered. Not only were the boxes of fresh flowers exquisite, but the whole idea of adding the spiritual intention was exactly what I was looking for. It was very easy to order and I received it in great condition. I ordered the garden for a friend who was having surgery and she emailed me her response. She said that she couldn't remember the last time she had received such a beautiful gift of flowers. When she read the booklet that came along with the gift, she realized that I was able to send her my blessings and good intentions through Merry as well. The beauty, spirituality, and personalization of the gift were just what I was looking for and was greatly appreciated by my friend. I truly believe that it helped in her healing." - Cindy K. in TX

    "Magical...profound. I am truly at a loss for words. It is a creative work of art with the added bonus of spirituality. Ingenious idea from start to finish. I wish I had thought of it!" - Camilla P. in CA

    "I thought that this was a great baby shower present! What appealed most about my Zenspiration "Its a Girl!" GardenTM was how it appeals to the beautiful experience of being a mom and being pregnant. It was unusual and beautiful with spirituality mixed in and the book helped explain everything that was in the Zen garden. The beautiful flowers mixed with the positive energy of the Zen candle and Guardian Angels... what could be more perfect that that? I loved this gift and I would recommend this to a friend or relative. I felt as if Merry put a lot of thought into making the mother-to-be feel special." - Bonnie C., Los Angeles, CA

    "Our family is so very pleased with our 'It's A Girl' Zenspiration GardenTM. It was the hit of our daughter's baby shower! The flowers, candles and coins are very special. Plus, it's a gift that will keep on giving thru the years as the baby's first locks of hair, first shoes, and first lost tooth are collected in the linen bagss. I think it would be a very special gift for anyone." - Diane H., CA

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