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Advanced Lives.com



521 Fifth Ave 17th Floor
New York, New York 10175
United States
T: 800-378-7177


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Institute of Advanced Lives


This complete Institute of Advanced Lives Home Study Program is a
lifetime of personal psychological self - help tools for you and your loved
ones… for any situation: health, happiness, success, etc., - clinically
researched with thousands of successful results. You'll learn more about
people and psychology than in years and years of psychology classes.

This complete program of Advanced Lives includes innovative methods
and exercises for quick effective results with 33 workshops plus
worksheet exercises to do at home with guidelines to help you, along
with 7 of Dr. Seymour CDs and DVDs.

Profile and Credentials        

Dr. Dolores Seymour, Ph.D , Founder and Executive Director
is the author of Mind Inspired New Dynamics System Seminars held
throughout the United States.

With over 30 years of experience in this field as a Psychologist and TV/ radio
personality, Dr. Seymour is consultant to the medical profession, author and
lecturer, magazine and newspaper columnist.

Philosophy and Comments        

We can retrain our thought patterns by first understanding the
principle and then applying the dynamic methods herein this unique
course, which are based on Dr. Dolores Seymour's 30 years of
experience in private practice and clinical research.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call anytime, 24/7 to leave a message at 1-800-378-7177
We will call you soon to help you with any questions you may have!





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