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Justina Prenatt



PO Box 102
Bat Cave, NC 28710
United States


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Alacritous WordSmith


Has a writing assignment backed you into a corner? Need help finding the right words for a special occasion? Would you like to sound professional, eloquent, and educated on your web site, your mission statement, your resume, business card, or advertisement? Spelling woes? Grammar questions? Grades are slipping? Writer's block? Poetry panic?! Alacritous WordSmithing is available for ALL of your writing needs. From wedding vows to term papers, poetry projects to fiction functions I can offer you a creative, original, well-versed solution.

Profile and Credentials        

I missed only 1 spelling word in the sixth grade year. Pastime. I'll never make that mistake again.

~References available upon request~

Philosophy and Comments        

Since childhood, I have had a love affair with words. I dream in alphabetical equations. I snack upon uncommon metaphor. I think like the big dogs. With a hawk's eye for spelling and grammar mistakes, I can assure your writing project exceeds academic and professional expectations.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please send an e-mail to discuss your writing project. Pricing quotes based on project. It is the information age. I can gladly accept projects from any where in the world, English language only. justina@jbanetwork.com





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