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Alarya Jay - Feminine Spirituality

Alarya Jay


Sedona, AZ 86336
United States
T: 928-204-2110


Welcome to Feminine Spirituality, in honor of the feminine and masculine aspects within humanity, we offer facilitation through the process of the embodiment and unification of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; the portal to conscious Oneness with the Divine. This process brings forth foundational, ancient wisdom that we might co-create a celestial earth where heaven and earth, spirit and matter, masculine and feminine are harmonically unified.

The process, itself, has evolved to new levels, reflective of the quickening in consciousness we are all experiencing. The Priestess (Priest) process is open to all men and women who resonate with this work.

Profile and Credentials        

Alarya Jay, also called Isis Alarya Jay, is an ordained nondenominational Minister, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master and Ceremonialist. She is ordained as a High Magdalene Priestess of Isis, in the Madonna Ministries and the Order of Melchizedek. She is a Hierophant Priestess of Isis.

Marylynne White, also called Alandrya, is an ordained interfaith Minister, Transformational Coach and Counselor, Educator and Writer to heal the wounded parts of the inner child. She is a High Magdalene Priestess of Isis and Hierophant Priestess of Isis.

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