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Alchemy of Sound & Mysticism

Christina Trevino


Toronto, ONT M4G 3S6
T: 416-421-7354


Sound Healing Workshops~
Facilitators~Christina Trevino & Anita Vaaranmaa Shewchuk
Through toning, chanting, drumming, ancient or light languages, we assist in healing & awakening our Divine Essence.

Activating your cellular memory and DNA. To promote well-being and the rememberance of our Mastery.

As Oracles we bring through sigils, communication, languages, frequencies from the unseen realms and our cetacean family. Having studied extensively with International Mystic Almine we incorporate mystical techniques and journey Meditations. As Belvaspata Grand Masters you will also experience group healing from this sacred & powerful healing modality from the Creator Goddess.

Our desire is to assist you in bringing forth your Divine Note and awaken to your Mastery.

Sound Healing~

"The use of sound as a healing tool dates back thousands of years. Now, the field of sound healing is gaining considerable attention, as sound pioneers promote the healing benefits of music, tones and instruments." Jonathan Goldman, director of the Sound Healers Association

Sound is the original creational tone. Everything is made up of energy at various frequencies. All things in nature vibrate to sound, light and color. Sound frequencies effect everything about us. The correct vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies.

Sound healing is the practice of using sound to realize and correct imbalances in the body. Sound healing works on the belief that the human body is not solid. Rather it is energy that is held together by sound. Any disease therefore indicates that some sound has gone out of tune.

"These workshops can be very profound, sometimes intense and quickly accelerate your personal journey and Mastery. We trust that if this is where you are at your heart will lead you here. Our mission is only to facilitate, assist and support as infinite beings of the One Life.~"

Profile and Credentials        

~Christina Trevino

Intuitive/Empath/Sound Healer/Belvaspata Grand Master & Reiki Master

~Anita Vaaranmaa

Cert.Energy Therapist & Intuitive Sound Healer/Singer/Belvaspata Grand Master/Reflexology


Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We are available for workshops worldwide.

Locally in Toronto workshops are half day or full day workshops.

Cost from $80-$144 CDN

Outside Canada & Internationally.

Full Day Workshops

Cost U.S. or Local Currency $144.00

Looking for Event Facilitators        

We are looking for Event Facilitators worldwide to host our Alchemy of Sound & Mysticism workshops in your country or city. If interested email to elm.christina@gmail.com for more details. This is a volunteer & commissioned position. You attend Free!

Upcoming Workshops~        

July 25/09

August 1st Guelph, Ont.
August 30th/09

Cancun, Mexico

Details & Register


Our Radio Show        

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Sound Healing Sessions~

Q&A's with Almine~International Mystic, Teacher, Author & Toltec

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